Raw Spirit 2008 :)

I just got home from my trip to Arizona a few short hours ago…I was hoping to find some posts on here about people’s experiences during the Raw Spirit Festival.

The event wasn’t exactly how I pictured, for some reason I didn’t expect so many vendors and merchandisers. I’m also hopping next year it won’t be as flooded with “junk food” and loaded with more green drinks! Of course, there’s no way to get around the fact that overall my experiences were amazing! I loved the constant flowing energy and the spiritual lifting group meditations. I really felt the magik! Then again, maybe it was the constant cocao high I was on. :)

“I’m happy and relaxed”

I’d like to hear some your experiences. Anything enlightening, amazing or even weird happen?? Share away!!!



  • Got home on Tuesday. I had an AMAZING time. I met soo many rawsome people, ate the best raw food, listened to some awesome music, and speakers. I’m really glad I made the drive out. This place was like heaven to me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Peace, Love, Unity, and raw food!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till next year’s RSF in Santa Barbara.

    Hope to see you there!!!!!

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