Becoming a Raw Vegan Chef

I’m young, getting nothing out of my college education due to apathy, and unable to decide on a suitable major. I’ve been struggling with making a career decision for years.

I do know, however, that I have a real passion for making raw foods. I love it! I think about it all the time. When I create a good raw meal I feel so pleased with myself. I have a genuine passion for raw foods, which is something I can’t really say about much in life.

I think I might want to be a raw chef, or a raw caterer. Are there any careers that you guys know of in the raw foods industry? And good raw culinary schools that exist? I found one in Fort Bragg, CA that looked good. Do you guys know of any other careers/schools?


  • Slosh-uh – I think that Living Light in Fort Bragg is the only purely raw foods chef school. Some people who are already raw chefs can give certification to other too. (like at raw restaurants etc) I know Alissa Cohen does this on the East Coast. I think there might also be a place in Flordia – Hipprocates – I am not sure if they do certification for raw chefs.

    Keep in mind how few the raw restaurants are (more near in SF where we live but there are also many raw chefs here that don’t work at restaurants).

    My bf and I make raw food for some people and neither of us have a certification but my bf worked at a raw restaurant for a while. We have a friend that went to Fort Bragg and he liked it. He doesn’t work as a raw chef anymore.

    For careers there are either:

    work at raw restaurant teach classes Have a raw meal service Make speciality things like raw chocolates or dehydrated items to sell in stores have a retreat place based on raw foods write a recipe book

    I am sure there are other things you can do if you are creative.

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