Cousin's IV raw restaurant credit for sale! (Chicago)

Due to work reasons I have to move to other state and I won’t be able to finish my store credit at Cousin’s IV

They have this amazing All You Can Eat Live Buffet with lots of different delicious Raw Vegan yummy foods.

They also have the 28 Day Detox Program. Where you clean your body of all the toxins that you may accumulate after the years. Well, you already know.

They also have lots of events like:

Raw Food Transformation Talk & Dinner – DRUM CIRCLE with Freddy Zental

You can use the store credit to go and have dinner or lunch every time that you want. Or use it to do some of the Detox Programs that they have.

Next door there is a Yoga center and you also can use your store credit to do yoga or buy products at their store.

We got the family box and twice per week we went to get our box with fruits, veggies, salads, crackers, 4 (I don’t remember the exact number) appetizers and 5 or 6 entrees and delicious desserts. Everything Raw Vegan.

They also have a little store at their restaurant, with different books to learn more about Raw Foods.

The total is $480, but I can transfer you as much as you like.


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