raw corn

hey folks. i have read several posts about raw corn and i understand several enjoy it. i love corn! however, in the past, when i consumed corn on the cob steamed, i found it hard to digest. corn is in season where i live, (NC) and i wish to try it again, raw, this time. anyone out there who has experienced a difference between raw and cooked corn (in the digestive phase, that is:)


  • I’ve definitely noticed a difference. The cooked stuff tends to go right through me, even when only steamed, but I have no problems digesting raw corn at all. (Strangely enough, I have the opposite problem with bell peppers. I can only digest them well if they’re cooked.) I think it depends on your digestive system for the most part. I’d give it a go and see what happens. It’s delicious!

  • Hi! I just posted a recipe for raw corn chowder that came out tasting great. I’ve had raw corn in salads before and didn’t notice any problems with digestion, but tonight was the first time I’ve eaten that much raw corn by itself, so I’ll pay attention to how well it goes through. ;o) I think what’s probably the most important with corn is to chew it really, really well.

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