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Sesame seeds - how to use?

angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

I have have decided I want to use more sesame seeds because they have a lot of calcium & zinc. I also will be teaching and introductory raw foods class on Tuesday night, to a bunch of women who are brainwashed that they have to consume dairy products to avoid osteoporosis. Right now I have just one recipe that I like okay that uses quite a bit of them. Any ideas/recipes for using sesame seeds? Especially in large amounts and/or “new to raw” friendly, but any suggestions are welcome, since it’s for me, as well as the class!


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    what about tahini? It is very versatile and has 130 mg of calcium in 2 tablespoons.
    There is a wonderful cauliflower recipe on this site that uses a tahini dressing. You could put this dressing on anything that suits you. It would be a double wham of calcium if you put it on kale or broccoli or mustard greens…etc…
    Best of luck with the class! :)

    PS: I found the recipe! It was contributed by ray!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    I also use a lot of black sesame seeds when I make sesame zucchini noodles
    and you can put sesame seeds into any cracker or flat-bread recipe….

  • Ani Phyo has a recipe for a black sesame seed smoothie in her Raw Food Kitchen book. And recently I had black sesame ice cream at a Japanese restaurant that was phenomenal. Not raw but definitely had major potential to be raw.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the ideas, everyone! Okay, so where do I get BLACK sesame seeds? Are they higher in calcium than the brown ones?

    greenghost – Putting them in bread/crackers is a good idea. Do you soak them first?

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    angie hmmmmm that is a good question about where to buy black sesame seeds. I should not assume that they are easy to get everywhere. I’m kind of lucky because they sell them at a farmer’s market that is local to me. Perhaps you can get them online? Or maybe at an Asian market? I don’t know where you live so it’s tricky to suggest where (except the online idea)...
    The brown/tan sesame seeds are very good too. I use them just as frequently as the black ones – and they are much easier to find.
    Also I usually do not soak them unless I am using them in a cracker recipe and I don’t always do that (although I probably should).
    sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

    addendum: I do not think that there is a significant nutritional difference between the black & tan sesame seeds, but if someone here on GR knows more info I certainly welcome them to share it! :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the info., greenghost! I have never seen them at the Asian market, but I think I’ll use the brown ones for now. I live in Utah.

    Anyone have ideas for using, say, a cup or two of sesame seeds in something?

    I looked it up, and daily calcium requirements are around 1,000 mg per day, so 2 Tbsp. of tahini is about 13% of the daily requirement, and 1 cup of chopped collards (more calcium than other greens) adds another 5%. I would have to eat mega amounts of collards & tahini to get the calcium, but 1 cup of sesame seeds has more than a day’s requirement of calcium. I guess that’s why I like the cookie recipe I use sometimes, because it uses 2 or 3 cups of sesame seeds in the recipe. :) I just want to be able to tell people something they can do to get calcium from sesame seeds without having to buy a dehydrator right away. (I know, I know – I’m getting picky!) Thanks so much for the help with this! :)

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Hi again angie i know that this might not be very helpful for your class (unless they are willing to get a juicer), but I get a lot of my calcium, magnesium, Vitamin K etc… by juicing.. You can ingest a ton of veggies this way – it would be a lot harder to eat the same amount of salad.
    Also – I know it’s not raw, but from a Vegan perspective: TOFU has a lot of calcium.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    greenghost – thanks! Yeah, soymilk is my son’s main source of calcium, but I hadn’t thought of juicing for calcium. That’s a really great idea for me, even if it doesn’t work for the class – a bunch of cucumbers just came from the garden, so I’ll just add loads of greens! :)

  • Angie~ I just check your profile for that cookie recipe and it’s not there… Are you holding out on us??? LOL Come on give it up… LOL

  • I’ve been making halva recently. Just grind up the sesames, add warmed honey and mix together. Press into a tin and refrigerate.


  • There is a great bar recipe posted here “Seedy Little Thing” that has sesame seeds as a base. They are GREAT bars that you can vary ingredients. Also, the “Real Hummus” recipe posted here uses a great sesame seed base – yummy stuff.

    I make a sesame seed salad dressing and use it daily. If, for some reason I’m out of the dressing, I sprinkle sesame seeds on my salad.

  • Last week I bought Black sesame seeds at “Whole Foods” in the bulk area.

    Sorry so late telling you this. Couldn’t get on last night.!

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