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Mouth sores

I get these little mouth sores at the sides of my mouth. It’s not a canker sore, and I don’t believe it’s anything like herpes or cold sores. It’s more like split skin and not really a sore….it’s like the corner of my mouth has cracked and I never get sores or anything like that in any other area of my mouth. I get these splits off and on and read that it is a vitamin deficiency.I read that is is B12 that I am lacking. Does anyone have any info on this and then some suggestions? They are not healing very well at all. :(

Oooh I also read it could be candida or a slight oral yeast infection. That would be bad!


  • I can’t answer your exact health questions without a visual or cultures… But I know if you sleep with your mouth open, the drool is dried up by the breathing and that can cause cracking…

    So I would suggest that before bedtime and after cleaning and brushing and creaming and everything else we women do, LOL that you also use a lip balm or coconut oil on your lips and a double dose on the affected areas to prevent future cracking… Also if you are a side sleeper try it on your back… If you are a back sleeper, try to sleep on your side…

    Hope this helps!!!

  • I’m pretty sure I don’t drool in my sleep or my boy would let me know and I never have any wetness on my pillow when i wake up accidentally in the middle of the night, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it for sure. I do know I sleep with my mouth closed, unless I have a sinus issue. Hmmmmm something to look at though. Thanks!

    I am a side sleeper/contortionist. I have tried training myself to sleep on my back many many many many many times since I’m under the impression that it’s better for you, but I just can’t seem to do it. When I try I end up just laying there for hours..not asleep fully….but not awake. As soon as i roll over to my side…bend my top leg and rest it on the bottom one in the shape of a 4 and twist my arms around themselves I fall right to sleep. lol

  • I had that problem. It turns out it was the soap I was using on my face. It was drying it out way too much. I just wash my face with water now and apply coconut oil to it when it gets dry.

    I wouldn’t discount the possibility of a vitamin B12 deficiency though. Even Gabriel Cousens MD (raw food diet guru) acknowledges the need for a B12 supplement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoHIwrvAiLw

  • Hmmmm product is always a possibility with my sensitive skin. However, this time it’s only on one side of my mouth…many times it’s on both. So….hmmm. This issue is probably something internal. It is really hard to say…. =/ It’s not so bad it’s bleeding or anything….more like has a moist scab over it that cracks every time I laugh, speak, eat….etc. lol

  • Tunacupcakes, it might be a food allergy. For me, it happens when I eat raw pistachios, cashews, or mangoes (esp. cashews). I never knew that I had this problem until I started eating raw foods, but apparently a lot of people are allergic to cashews, mangoes, etc., because they are in the same family as the poison ivy plant.

    The exact same thing used to happen to me though when the allergy started, cracks on the side of my mouth—then it got progressively worse and now I stay away from those foods like they are the plague. Anyway, just thought I would mention it as a possibility :) Good luck on finding out what it is!

  • Yeah, I had to consciously avoid opening my mouth too wide until it healed. I had to cut up apples because I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to bite into them. :-P

    A little coconut oil on the corners of your mouth should help keep them from cracking.

  • Tunacupcakes writes: As soon as i roll over to my side…bend my top leg and rest it on the bottom one in the shape of a 4 and twist my arms around themselves I fall right to sleep. lol

    HAHA, I thought I was the only freak that tied her arms in a knot to sleep! YAY!!!

    My lip splits once in a great while. Less since I stopped using lip balm! I drink more water and put coconut oil on the spot and it heals up in a day or so.

    I notice if I eat something spicy or sour this happens to me. I chalk it up as the price I pay for extra flavor.

    Good luck, I hope you find your culprit

  • kevlar -I know not opening my mouth would really help with the healing. Perhaps this is a good time to do a 1-2 week juice and green smoothie feast! :D

    jellibi- I’m sure I do have food allergies because I used to…and I don’t expect them to go away without doing anything about it. Last time I got tested it was done by blood work…but I think I remember some smack about getting blood work done for food allergies that I plan to research….that or I could do a water fast or something of that nature and slowly introduce foods and see what happens.

    ungrateful -Oh no, you are not the only one who sleeps with her arms in knots. Funny. Do you then kinda tuck them against your chest or belly? It’s a very ….guarded sleeping position. lol Also about eating things that are sour. Pineapple seems to always give me split skin at the corner of my mouth. .....this is not the issue though since I have not had any pineapple. Good thing to make a mental note of though. :)

  • I occasionally get these “sores” as well, as far as I know and have experienced all mouth problems are one way or another related to the digestive system. I usually get them when my intestine is “dirty” as a result of non proper nutrition and that is when I am not 100% raw and I eat some cooked foods such as starches etc.. I was never able to pinpoint a specific ingredient though. Good luck!


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