earth dance

ok so hubby and i went up to nocal to get away and meet friends for our 40th birthdays(my friend of thirty years and i turn 40 days apart)anyhoo as we are driving along i notice a huge population of dredlocked hitchhikers some with dogs most with sleeping bags and other gear… like: wow nocal has a plethora of dirtyman people( we call reggea dirty man music….no offence its just a term coined by a young ball busting friend of ours we found hilarious and misguided….youde have to know the twenty sommething whose lips this emegrged from to really get the joke on her…a frightening aside, she just joined the police force here in socal!!!!! yikes!!! she has a gun !!!);0) anyhoo, as we kept on north the stream of hitchhikers got heavier and heavier then we saw van loads of folks heading north too all blissed out and wearing hippie gear… we passed a field not unlike woodstock but with out the stage…with security and such and tons of vans cars tents and teepees it was called earth dance….any one here go?

I lamented i had not brought my raw food stuffs from granolas to sell! ;0) capitalist to the end i guess…teehee wanted an insiders take on the whole festival…..cheers!


  • Wow! I have not ever heard of it.

    So, of coarse, I had to google it…

    Call it the “Free Spirit” in me… but it actually sounds pretty cool.

    So, omshanti…did you get out and let your hair down?;)

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    thats neet. a few years ago i promoted for profuzion production, and they were putting on a earth dance but ….... we got busted :(

  • Wow, I would have loved to do that! I swear, if I ever get to a point in my life where I can spend money on whatever I’ll be doing stuff like this all the time!

  • simply raw, my hubby was rolling up the windows and locking the doors to our car as we passed! but yes i would have loved to take a peak! big grin! im married to a buzz cut wearing cynical, conservative mans man….. a dear and a love but not a proponent of alternative anything! His comment on my new clothes line for drying our stuff al fresco?” dont put my stuff out there with the bird poop and spiders!” hahahahahahah

    i checked out the web page too wow! way more corporate than it appeared in person! guess you need money to do somethings in life but i swear gear shifter not a soul i saw looked like they had a dime and they werent shy about asking for a few dimes either!

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