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Is this true???!!!

ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

I just read that Australian Government Law prohibits the consumption of hempseed by humans and only PETS can consume them!???? Thats rediculas (sp?)!! Is this true? and if so whyyy?



  • Yeah for some reason its legal to grow it here but not sell it as food, yet in the US you can buy it in seed, powder, icecreams, the lot but its illegal as hell to grow or something! Either way, I swear by hemp protien powder, I buy it from iherb.com and they ship it over super fast. So far no quarantine probs either!

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    haha, good for you! Do they do it cuz they think its unhealthy??? there crazy! (in my opinion!)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It isn’t legal in the USA though is it? Maybe in California. I know Kate Wood was deported for amongst other things having raw chocs with hemp seeds in them!

    It is all legal here in the UK. You know, even though smoking weed is illegal people walk around with joints blazing with no fear in most major cities I have been to.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    I can buy raw hemp seeds at my local health food store and I’m not in Cali :-)

  • Hemp cannot be grown in the U.S., although it used to be required that every farmer set aside a portion of their farm to grow it for the WWI war effort (to make rope and stuff). Interesting that it’s now illegal due to the U.S. drug hysteria. STupid.

    It comes to the U.S. from Canada in most cases. Legally. For now.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    My country(the U.S.) is amazing. It’s a rite of passage to guzzle alcohol, jump into a car, and kill someone. You’re a real Amurikan if you do that. But you can’t grow hemp. Go figure:-)

  • Don’t think its the ‘unhealthy’ element as much as having control over us or just not bothering to change the rules, cuz its legal to grow for clothing purposes etc…just not able to be sold for food. Grr! Yet as Mr Mickmaster mentioned, its illegal to grow it in the US even though its completely legal to buy it there in food form! Twisted.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    hey guys,

    I think the weird laws surrounding hemp have to do with the paranoid some people have when they hear the word. Alot of people think hemp = drugs which we know is not true.

    Don’t get confused with the strain of hemp plant that you smoke and the kind you can eat or make clothing, bedding etc out of.


    This page is a little confusing but there are apparently 1000 strains of the hemp plant - http://www.weedbay.net/modules.php?modid=15&act…

    In Canada, it is legal to grow the kind you make clothing out of and the kind you eat. This is called Industrial Hemp. The strain of plant grown contains a very low level of the THC – not enough to get you high. I am not sure if you can grow any other strains of the plant.


    You can not grow this in America. Of course, America is so uptight. It is ridiculous.

    In certain parts of California, it is legal to grow Medicial Marijuana and sell it for people to use for medical purposes only. You need to have a card from your doctor to buy it/use it and to grow it there are all sort of permits and licenses you need to obtain. Also it is tricky because it is legal to transport it only through certain counties here. (we have a friend who does this which is how I know). So, it is really regulated – although, if you really want to be a grower and can get through all the red tape and know all the rules it can be quite a lucrative business. This is called Proposition 215.

    I don’t think it is allowed to be grown in any other US state that I know of – at least not legally anyhow. It used to grow wild and I am sure it still does in certain places – although, good luck trying to find any! :)

    It really sucks that one strains – the sort that gets you high – has ruined the possibly of growing the very useful other strains that we need for food and can use for clothings and other things. People are so narrow minded and paranoid they cant see beyond the real truth.

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