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Winter smoothies?

Hey all,

I absolutely love making smoothies, but as winter nears I'm getting nervous about dwindling supply of fresh vegetables. Does anyone know any good winter vegetable smoothie recipes?

Thanks so much!


  • I take smoothies in the winter usually pear/banana and add soaked oats or buckwheat, spices, coconut oil, cacao.

  • I like Maca in mine. The malt flavor gives me a warm feeling. It would be good in sweetpeas recipe.

  • thanks guys, i’m hitting the farmer’s market tomorrow to stock up :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Don’ forget concord grapes! They are literally about to come in season. They are the purple grapes with seeds and a very jelly-like inside if you don’t know what they are. Winter is the PERFECT time to make things with concord grapes! You can make sorbet too. Might I suggest a concord grape smoothie with some Wild Blue Green Algae? That would be a perfect combo in my opinion, with maybe some wheatgrass juice and a mango, banana, and strawberries. In the winter when strawberries go out of season you could buy frozen strawberries. Just make sure they aren’t blanched.

  • I use pumpkin and winter squash a lot in my winter smoothies instead of bananas or together. Add some ginger and dates or honey. MMMmmmm…

  • rawkidchef- when you use concord grapes in smoothies or sorbets, do you blend up the entire grape, including the seed? or do you remove the seeds? that seems like it would be excessively tedious.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Nope, just blend all the seeds in. When your adding them to smoothies, though, blend the concords fist, and strain out whatever didn’t get blended. Then, you can do two things. You can blend it with agave, chill it in the fridge and process in an ice cream maker for concord grape sorbet. Or, you can add to smoothies. The sorbet idea comes from Raw Food Real World book.

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