acne or rash?

well, looks like my skin doesn’t like coconut oil for cleansing, cause now I have these very small bumps all over my forehead! they are pretty much invisible unless you look really closely, not red on infected looking… same thing happened when I was using diluted tea tree oil daily. Has anyone gotten this type of thing before? It wasn’t how I remembered my acne looking before I had it under control… It’s been about 6 years since I had any issues. I would love to go back to my old long perfected regimine, but can’t because I am allergic to ingredients in them. I just can’t figure out if it was from the oil, or irritation from the washcloth? I try to be gentle on my skin, but am pretty sensitive. any ideas?


  • Hi Chicory! I'm Daniel and I'm a newbie here, I was searching around for an interesting discussion and found your post. I haven't try tea tree oil for acne treatment but many say that it is effective, if its not to you why don't you try other natural home remedies like fruits. That would be citrus, lemon, cucumber, fruits that are rich in antioxidant or fruits with nutrients that can kill bacteria. I'm sure it will help you get rid of your acne.

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