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I bought a Parsley plant and thought I could grow it in the kitchen. I need advice please. How do I care for it in the house, does it need direct light? How often does it need water? And most of all How do I harvest it? If i cut the tops off for my smoothie will they grow back or should I cut them at the base?

Some many questions I know I am sorry. I am not good at growing food or herbs in the house they general die in a week! So I need to know if this is a one time deal!!!!!! Thanks for your help!


  • Give as much sun as possible. Just make sure it isn’t over a heat source. I stick my finger in an inch of soil if it feels dampish,not wet, don’t water. The top inch should be dry feeling. Dont let the water sit in the bottom tray. Feed once a month an organic, low nitrogen liquid food.Snip at the base of the plant. If you want it for smoothies you should have more plants. Parsley is a biannual. Meaning it should go dormant this winter and grow to seed this coming spring and summer. It you keep parsley in the house, you are forcing it to keep going, but they never last through the winter. For me that is. I like to grow them from seed. Making a continuation planting from fall through winter. When the plants start to go sluggish I compost them.

  • hmmm… my parsley comes back every year! maybe it depends on the zone~ I let mine go to seed, so i guess it reseeds itself?

  • chicory, do you have your parsley inside or outside? The parsley I grow out side sometimes makes it through the winter, sometimes not. The indoor I use a lot, so when it gets sluggish I have plenty more coming up and fresh.Yes, it takes a year old parsley to reseed.

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    Thanks everyone. I guess it will be more work than I thought. I will see about planting it out side and see if it makes it thru the winter. I love Parsley with cantalope and apples smoothies! It is one of my favorites

  • Parsley is one of the cheaper items in the store. I some time wounder why I grow it…?

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