Omshanti's White Bread Recipe

Omshanti, I hope you read this thread. I just viewed your recipe and had some questions. First, can you think of another ingredient you could substitute for the jicama? I cannot find organic jicama anywhere. Also, you said to shred the parsnip and jicama through a juicer and to mix all the ingredients. Do you include the juice from the parsnips and jicama? I am very interested in low fat recipes and if this works, it would be a great addition to my diet. If you have any other breads or crackers that are primarily made from veggies I would be very interested.



  • I dont know what bread you are talking about, but you can replace jicama with Jerusalem Artichokes. Guess my next journey on Gone Raw, will have to be with breads.

  • O.K. I see what you are talking about. Wounder if we could leave out the parsley? I would think it would be green bread…? I would say the juice would not be used. Parsnips are strong flavored. If it needs liquid, maybe try water first.

  • rcb this site has been to wonky for me lately so, sorry not to answer your post sooner…. the juice is added if you need moisture, but water will do. you can use jeruslaem artechoke i supose but i havent tried it, as per organic jicamas, you have me there too, i peel it so im not as worried if its organic or no…..

    Beany the parsley is finely chopped and stirred in so no, its not a green bread … leave out what you want add what you want its a recipe for heavens sakes, not a formula! grins. thats whats so great about cooking its a running experiment! ;0)

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