new to raw in SE Washington

So about 5 years before, I decided on a vegetarian diet because I never liked meat too much, however I didn’t feel much healthier than my meat-eating counter parts because I was still consuming a lot of cheese and dairy…and junk food (which can also be vegetarian). I also developed a bad case of acid reflux and started getting cramps. I became really worried about my health because without my health, I can’t do anything! So I finally decided to try eating more raw vegan foods, because supposedly it helped people with digestive disorders and whole other set of problems, and to my amazement I became another statistic. So while I’m not 100% raw vegan, I’m working up on it. I try to avoid any animal products when I can, and sometimes I may indulge in a cooked veggie burger, but that’s on an occasional basis now. I’m also starting to enjoy ‘cooking’ for once in my 25 years. In the end, my pet iguana, who’s 6 yrs old, also deserves my praise since her diet made me familiar with a great variety of veggies and fruits. I joined this site mainly for the huge list of recipes it supplies, but also for chit chat.


  • Hi rawiguana,,, I to had great digestive problems when I ate vegetarian. Thankfully eating raw came into my life. Isn’t it great that there is a way for better health. As you say, when your health is gone, what then? Maybe all the N.W. will soon eat raw. lol and Ya Right! From an Oregon Beaver.

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