Urban fruit trees

Does anyone live in an urban area and have a small dwarf fruit tree? Curious to know what kinds could thrive in my home.


  • I have Liberty and Enterprise dwarf apple trees. 7 years old. Both doing well. Does get about 12’ high.Limbs are more on the whippy side than a semi- dwarf apple tree. We had fire blite come through one year, these are the only two varieties that made it. We also have nectarines, mini size, doing well. 5’ tall. The mini peaches died due to winter climate.

  • I have a client who grows mini oranges and apples, and they are thriving in her home wiht just enough light from a southern window.

  • You want to grow them INside your home??? If you do that I would get the mini fruit trees, but you will need at least 6 hours of direct sun. Maybe more inside.

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