GERD in children-HELP?

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My 7 year-old nephew has battled GI problems since he was a baby. Now the poor little guy is missing lots of school w/ GERD, diarrhea, terrible stomach pain. He’s gone wheat and dairy-free, but of course no difference. My sister has been aware of my raw journey, which cured my GERD in 2 days, but of course because the “doctor” did not recommend this, they just poo-poo this. She wants to read something. I’ve sent her uncook books for her own health issues, but she’s looking for specifics on children w/ GERD. I’ve tried to explain that 2 years + of constant anti-biotics for ear infections wreak havoc on the dig. system, but I think it’s all falling on deaf ears.


  • I don’t know of any specific sources to give you except my personal experience. I’ve had GERD since I was 11 due to bulimia. Being vegan pretty much cured it but I had occasional symptoms. (1-2 episodes per week as opposed to multiple times per day.) Now that I’m mostly raw (only about 2 weeks in), my symptoms have disappeared completely. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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    Izhpt Do they eat meat? I have battled stomach issues my whole life and nothing helped more than cutting out meat dairy and sugar. If he was on lots of antibiotics it might help to add a non dairy probiotic supplement in. Has she ever considered trying out a naturopath of any other opinions in my experience every doctor I saw wanted to give me drugs to cover up the problem or pills to take with dairy. I will see what I can find for you. Good luck

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    Thanks! vegan2raw-yes, they eat LOTS of meat, though kids are funny. i don’t know how much of that he eats. A few years ago, they did see a good naturopath and he went gluten-free and dairy free. he had a good probiotic at that time as well. I think that guy is still in the picture, but there’s been a lot of inconsistency and now the pendulum has swung back to drugs and medical intervention. i’m no where near Ill. so i can’t see the little guy.

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