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Hello, We are not 100% raw yet, but we have taken another step further on the road. We have been dringing fruit juices. red grape. blueberry ,blackcurrant and Acai berry. strawberry grape banana orange. My Bob sais he feels a bit ‘skiddy’ in the head. I feel like that too sometimes.Also, a lot of catarhh. Could this be detox?


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    BLUEBELLS – I am not sure what you mean by “edgy” or “skiddy.” First, I would want to know if you are drinking juices from fresh fruits? When I first started drinking fresh juices, shortly after I would drink them I would get a slight buzz, like I had a few sips of wine. I would feel really good but not dizzy or anything like that. After two weeks it stopped.

    I told this lady I met who travels and promotes fresh juicing about it because I thought it was really weird. She told me she hears that often and thinks it is because the nutrients in fresh juice are immediately bioavailable because the body isn’t breaking down the fiber to get to them. That immediate influx of nutrition often produces a brief type of euphoria in those who are undernourished (not the same thing as underfed). That could have been what happened to me and as I became more nourished it went away.

    I do believe in a certain amount of detox; however, you will find that raw communities have a tendency to blame everything on detox. I have observed that many raw foodists believe if you eat raw this is the only type of illness that can occur in your body. Personally, I don’t buy it, but I do think you can go through a reasonable period of detox. Some sources report chemicals and pharmaceuticals take years to detox and that could be true but all reports I have seen/heard are speculative. If someone has info on legitimate research to back that up, I would be very interested in reading about it.

    I can tell you that after you begin to get clean and free from additives in your food, if you expose yourself to additives, most of which are toxic, you will probably have an extreme reaction. I am much more sensitive to those foods now and the few times I have strayed I felt like I had eaten poison. Also, if you eat very high raw or all raw for a period and then eat cooked food, it will tear your stomach up. I ate very high raw for several weeks and then went out and had dinner with a friend. In about 2 hours it was pure misery because I felt like I had eaten a bunch of stones. I actually had stomach cramps from it and I don’t recall having stomach cramps when I ate SAD.

  • Thanks for this reply. We never used to eat fruit. just the occasional apple. Now there is a huge variety. Blueberries, blackberries, bananas, blackcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, loads of grapes and grape juice etc., I know what you feel about going back to eating SAD. I went ‘off the wagon’ recently and ate all sorts of junk. I didn’t really enjoy it. I was just compelled to eat it. Strange person. But, I’ve stopped that now. Some of my symptoms are due to a health problem I have, so yes, you are right, I don’t buy it either, that everything can be blamed on detox. I’ll carry on and see what happens. I’ll reduce the amount of fruit juices temporarily and gradually build up.

    Thanks for your kind thought in asking the lady for me. I appreciate it.

    God bless

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