Raw almonds & fungicide

So, I just can’t afford $14/lb raw, organic almonds that get shipped here form Spain, nor do I want to buy things that have such a huge carbon footprint just t get to me.

A local farmer at my farmer’s market sells raw almonds that have been treated with a fungicide. I have spoken with him at length about his methods. He started by saying if he could afford converting to organic, he would, but that he just doesn’t have the money to do it (it is a lengthy and costly process to become california certified orgnaic…). He has a consultant that he pays lots of money to (I spoke to him, too) that helps him select the safest known fungicides, and that he doesn’t use any other non-orgnaic methods other than a fungicide for the almonds. Both of them felt confident that the fungicide they use doesn’t change the nutritional content of the almond and the consultant pointed me to a few independent studies showing that the fungicide used on this farmers almond trees didn’t end up in the almonds.

I’m still not sure about the safety, but at $6/lb, I find them maybe worth the risk. Any thoughts?


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Consider yourself ridiculously LUCKY that you can purchase raw almonds! I can’t afford raw ones, so I buy (sadly) steamed raw almonds. I REALLY wish I was in your position!

    It’s important not to be obsessed with the organic label. I buy low spray foods from my farmer’s market, as I believe it’s urgently important to nurture and support small farmers in a time when agribusiness is taking over and corrupting the organic label. Please – support your local farmer!

    That’s my two cents. As always, make up your own mind based on informed decision and scientific fact, don’t base too much on the forum responses, and listen to your body.

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