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Hello everyone!

I am searching for advice on a history book. Im looking for a wide sweeping history book that doesnt have eurocentric / christian values. Something along the lines of Howard Zinn’s ‘Peoples History..’ but more focuses on the whole world. I realize Howard isnt completely objective, but objectivism is what I want from my world history book.

I bought one the other day, and then I read reviews on it afterwards. I wouldnt be able to read it I think without grimacing numerous of times.

Any help?


  • hey jkd have you read the book called" guns, germs and steel" the fates of human societies? great book jam packed with information. the author- jared diamond, keeps the reader constantly engaged buy asking question through out the book to try to reach an understanding of how we developed till this point. this book is a great review of human history. it is lengthy in the sense that you must digest a lot of information from every page. i think i will have to read it twice as a matter of fact. you must keep your focus on what he is written, as the mind can easily wander. good luck with finding your hx book charm.

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    The Pulitzer Prizes honor a book of history and a biography every year. They also release the names of two other finalists in each category. (Note: Academic historians tend to make a firm distinction between history and biography, even though they overlap a great deal in subject matter. For the purposes of this post, I am minimizing the distinction.) 

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