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Favorite Apple?



  • Honey Crisp…bar none

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I love Bosc pears. Just a little spicy, in the best way!

    Apples: On the first tier, I love King David (complex flavor), Cox Orange Pippin, Pacific Rose, Stayman Winesap, Sweet 16 (wonderful cherry flavor), and Honeycrisp apples. On the second tier, I love Winesap, Cameo, Golden Russet, Roxbury Russet and Sansa apples. :)

  • Pink Lady’s! Never have I tasted so sweet an apple!! Those are by far #1 for me, then Golden Delicious, and then the good ol’ Granny. Not too big on super red apples, like Red Delicious

  • I am 100% devoted to Pink Ladies and Honey Crisp mmmmmmmmmmm

  • I’d have to say any wild apple. Wether or not it’s sweet, or tart they are by far my favorite! Can’t go wrong picking a free, un-sprayed, tree ripened, fresh soil, beautiful piece of food!!

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    JonaGold! I have never heard of them and i got a case of organic jonaGold and a case of Gaylas and WOW JonaGold are WONDERFUL! very sweet, juicy and crunchy!

  • Granny Smith, Macoun, Pink Lady, Cortland and probably any other tart apple.

  • dogsuponhotcatsdogsuponhotcats Raw Newbie

    Wow, time for someone to start typing up a library catalogue for all the damn apples lol. In this hi-tech age, a database on a computer would be perfect. On a Macintosh, of course. ;-)

    As far as my taste goes, an apple is an apple to me. I don’t care what kind it is, as long as it’s extremely crispy, and has the right combination of tart and sweet (though on the tart side). Mushy over-sweet apples disappoint me immensely, especially when it crumbles underneath the skin before you can even take a bite – ickk.

  • this is a tough one, at times it can change, at first it was galas, then green apples, then red delicious, then golden delicious, then jersey macs, then pink lady , and now its Lobo apples. Im eating about 20 apples a day including other salad and fruit.

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    GREAT topic!

    This is a question I ask many people as I like to know what they enjoy most about apples! For some reason it's quite intriguing to me...!

    I love Jazz apples best. Super sweet and crunchy.

    Pink Ladies second. For me, Jazz apples are better because more chunk comes off per bite.

    Gala apples third.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    granny smiths or pink lady for me.


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Fujis, then Galas. I used to like green apples before I went raw, but that was when I ate them with copious amounts of peanut butter. Their sourness makes them inedible on their own.



  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    I'm a real apple fan! It's Pink Ladies and Cox Pippins for me! I only eat organic apples- I get lots of them in my organic order every fortnight- this time had lots of Pink Ladies! I just ate one a few mins ago and when I bit into it I exclaimed "Oh God!" as it was so DELICIOUS! Aromatic, sweet, fragrant.

    Also ate a whole bunch of organic red grapes- again sublime! I don't know I ever ate those processed cakes- fruit is just so much more delicious and the sweetness is better!

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