Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico

The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico is a non-profit school that teaches you the Living Foods Lifestyle©.

Class excerpts include: How to SPROUT fresh natural superfoods and growing WHEATGRASS in your own kitchen! Why Dr. Ann’s blended “ENERGY SOUP” is a complete meal and better than juicing! “CULTURED” FOODS and ENZYMES for digestion & cellular rejuvenation! Proper FOOD COMBINING, DETOXIFICATION & BODY CARE. PLANTING & COMPOSTING so you control your foods. Simple, delicious RECIPES: Seed “Cheese” Dressing, Cabbage Rejuvelac, Pate, Pizza, Desserts and MORE! SELF-HEALING and Rejuvenation with the LIVING FOODS LIFESTYLES©!

ANN WIGMORE 1909-1994 Teacher, healer and pioneer in the Living Foods Lifestyle© movement, Dr. Ann Wigmore dedicated her life to educating and healing people around the world about the transforming qualities of living foods. She authored numerous books including “The Wheatgrass Book, “Be Your Own Doctor” and “Why Suffer”. Her extensive research and self-healing back in the 60s created a program that are acknowledged by Victoras Kulvinskas, Gabriel Cousens, MD, David Wolfe and every Raw-Live food teacher of today. The current state of our food supply is being genetically modified from the seed, irradiated, processed, refined, manufactured and grown in non nutrient dense soil which is heavily sprayed with harmful chemicals. It is time for you to take control of what you eat.

At the Ann Wigmore Institute, on the beaches of Aguada, Puerto Rico you will learn how to be self sufficient by Composting, Sprouting, Preparing, Food Combining and Regaining your Health thru the Living Lifestyle Program©. Our two week program will give you the skills to turn your home, kitchen, apartment or even your dorm room into a place to grow your OWN wheatgrass, sprouts and greens. Then by using locally grown fruits and veggies (or grow your own) to fill your needs. Break the chains of the Supermarkets, the expensive raw food Marketers and Organic foods shipped from around the world. Learn to be self sufficient and Control your OWN food supply. We make it easy and fun to learn, and the best part we spoil you with incredibly delicious meals everyday from our own Organic Garden and Farm with fresh local Fruits like Papaya, Mangoes, Bananas and more (most grown from our own Trees here on the Institute). We give you all the tools necessary to BE IN CONTROL of your own Food!!

Remember, there always is a first, and Ann Wigmore was the first to bring Wheatgrass, Sprouting, Rejuvalac, Raw Sauerkraut and the greatest food of all ENERGY SOUP. She was the first to show the World the amazing healing effects these foods have on us ALL regardless of your dis-ease. Her story, Why Suffer, alone should someday be a blockbuster movie. Finally, I see how everyone asks so many questions about rawfoods, and should I eat this or not that. What should I eat, how do I prepare it, can I combine this with that and so on. We’ll have all your questions answered, learn to be self sufficient and Regain your Health no matter what you may be suffering from. Be your Own Doctor!! Learn the Living Foods Lifestyle©.

Let the Journey begin by going to

We can’t wait to see you here in Paradise Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    hi ecv raw, thanks for posting about the fab Ann Wigmore Institute. Your post could go into the “Talk it up” forum too, you might get more views there as people look on that forum to check out classes, retreats etc

  • Thanks Zoe, I will be sure to repost it in the Talk it up forum. Wanted the Newbies to get a chance to learn about Ann Wigmore.

  • Oh thank you ecvraw! I’m a newbie and saw this on the home page!. I am also a Spanish major, and future ND, so you know I am interested! Are the classes taught in Spanish? I am about to check out the website now ;-)Thanks so much for the post!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes she is brilliant and seems to be overlooked in the face of more current and glam raw gurus! I read her autobiography it was so interesting and inspirational.

  • Love the program at Ann Wigmore! I have been twice and actually arranged just yesterday to stay again for the month of November. I try to go every other year or so, the rejuvenation I experience is just so wonderful. Anyone who has the opportunity to go would be very lucky. The staff is so loving, the program very insightful and unlike some “other” places, the atmosphere is unpretencious, and cost is realitively affordable. Check the website for Spanish classes, I know the have some and most all working there do speak Spanish.

  • Thanks izzasgma, I couldnt find anything on the website about classes being taught in Spanish, but I’m sure there is that option, because when I called them, all of the recordings had options for Spanish. Now, afer leaving a message, I’m just waiting for someone to call me back. I guess I called after hours (4:35 here EST).

  • Kendra, Sorry, we are not fully opened yet since our programs begin in October and then our first Living Foods Lifestyle classes begin November. The office is open from 9-4 EST. Ask for Sandra, Theresa or Norma. We do offer Classes in Spanish, and we have a classbook and Ann Wigmore Books in Spanish here for sale.

  • UPDATE: Ann Wigmore Institute Class Schedule

    Our first class will be a TROPICAL RETREAT Oct. 19-25 with lots of specials to go along with it.

    Our next class will be our ONLY One week INTENSIVE class. This will on Oct. 26- Nov. 1. This is our only 1 week certification course of the year, before the rate increase in Jan. We will be offering one week intensive courses next July.

    The weather is great here and the surf is up,in Puerto Rico, so call Sandra today to sign up for a class or check our our website

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