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Raw: Balancing Brain Chemicals???

Hello My Raw Bundles of Goodness!

I recently purchased some MACA with intentions of using it to improve mental health and clarity. I have been taking 1tbsp for the last few days and to my surprise I have seen instant results. I am almost in shock about this. I do not feel it’s wishful thinking either. I can literally feel some kind of change and charge in me after it’s digested and is being absorbed. I feel balanced and grounded. I can sleep better and I have had insomnia for many years now… I find it a lot easier to say NO to addictive thoughts and potential related behaviors when they cross my mind because I am more aware, alert and present in the moment with logic. Therefore, I am making progress with my mental health and recovery process. I am a firm believer in balancing brain chemicals WITHOUT the use of psychiatric drugs. I’ve made it a point to try to get maca in every day now to experiment and see how it will continously effect me. At this point I’m starting to call it my “raw prozac pill” as I feel it’s having the same kind of effect a pharmaceutical drug would but in a healthy, healing and natural way.

Has anyone had similar experiences with maca?

I really want to recover from my eating disorders. I am very focused on recovery right now and need all the natural healing help that I can get. Thank heaven for maca magic. It’s really been wonderful for me since I started using it.

I was also wondering what other natural supplements and superfoods you all have used for improving mental health conditions and overall brain balance for optimal functioning? Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated, seriously I can’t thank you enough for those who take the time to provide feedback to this post with helpful information.

Blessings to you all and gratitude for this lovely Fall that has approached us and a beautiful harvest ahead!

Pink TuTu Twirls, Johnny


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Wow so happy for you! How are you using it? I have seen it in some receipes but other than here I have never heard of it. Is it bitter or what?

  • Thank you very much. I am adding 1 tbsp into smoothies with a handful of greens, fresh fruit such as banana, strawberries, peach, etc…. either oxygen water or coconut water fresh... ice… raw honey or agave and either coconut butter or avocado. I am getting my 1. calories to help assist in weight gain 2. greens 3. maca magic power 4.fruit… good fiber and a heck of a boost!!!

    I have also just dumped some on top of one of my hemp/avocado/greens salad. I do not find the taste to be bitter or bad. It does smell sweeter than it tastes though.

  • I use 1 Tab. Maca in my Green smoothies. It gives it a malt taste. I have noticed more energy and a more peaceful attitude. Haven’t got the brain thing going yet. Think that may take time for me. lol

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I am going to try to find that. Where do you get Oxygen Water? I was going to try the peroxide water for a while but not hearing to much good so far so am afraid to start yet. the bottle has the directions for use sounds simple enough. waiting to hear if anyone has had success with it yet i should start a thread on it. beany I miss malt, since I am gluten intolerant that is a big miss out for me.I will defiantly need to give this a try.

  • Malt is a great word to use for maca, I didn’t even think of that and glad beany did! Oxygen water is great. It’s natural and contains oxygen straight from the source as well as magnesium, nothing added. My Mother works for a local company and so we get hooked up with free oxygen water. You can google for it: o2 Cool Oxygen water… they recently changed their name to that from Hi O Silver oxygen water. It’s alkaline forming. I’ve found it helps when I feel sick or have a headache, I sip it slowly. Great stuff.

  • I use maca and He Shou Wu. The latter is also called foo-ti. Its a chinese herb used for centuries. Its quite similar to ginseng. I find that it enhances the effect of the maca(it could be in my head only though) while giving lots of energy.

  • I just bought some maca last night. I had it in a green smoothie last night and this morning. I as well have suffered from years of insomnia. I’ve tried to get help from doctors telling them that the sleeping pills don’t solve the problem, but they would never listen to me. I had few nights of sleep when I first started the raw food diet, but went back into restless nights. Last night I did sleep a little more. I woke up once, but fell back asleep after a bit. Most nights I never fall back asleep. I also have a problem with anxiety and OCD. I will be excited to see if any of that improves. Can’t wait to try maca in some chocolate recipes!!!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Rawdance! I’m so glad it’s helped you so much! I’ve been wondering forever what maca really does. It seems really nice.

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    So glad to hear the maca is helping you, if you like to use it on veggies Kate Wood has a recipe for Macauliflower cheese where she makes a sauce with cashews, lemon juice, miso, nutritional yeast, maca and water. Ive made it without the miso and nut yeast and its lovely. I put maca in my green smoothies too and also in banana and nut shakes.

    Hugs to you for your mental clarity (I could do with some more of that!)

  • Gomindy, I’m so glad to hear you got a little more sleep. EVERY BIT helps, especially those with sleeping disorders! Coconut water also helps calm me to sleep. I try not to bulk up on foods before bed as I have noticed it disrupts my digestive tract and wakes me up at all odd hours of the night… then I can’t go back to sleep which is my problems: waking up and not being able to return to sleep. So now I have made it a point to have to force myself to eat throughout the day and fight my eating disordered thoughts when I want to restrict, because if I don’t eat I don’t sleep well and if I try to make up for a day of restriction by bringing food to bed it can have a bad effect. Balance is everything. Evening foods that have helped me in sleep assistance: raw walnuts, bananas, figs, dates, coconut water, raw milk which I no longer use, raw honey, dulse with mashed avocado… but maca has by far been the best assistance yet! I really encourage everyone to try it.

    Lush: I will research He Shou Wu. Chinese herbs have not worked for me in the past but maybe that is because they were blends of things from my old accupuncturist and not a single herb itself.

  • Raw Dance, Thank you for being so positive in nature. Every time I read one of your posts it brightens my day. I do sometimes eat too late. I will try the coconut water, and try substituting the other foods with the foods you suggested. I hope the maca continues to help you with your recovery. I’m sending you a big hug of encouragement :) Well, I’m on day two of maca, and I feel peaceful today, and happy. I’m still a little tired feeling, but I think it will take some time for my body to recover from hours and hours of sleep deprivation. I also accidently took a tablespoon, when I reread the directions it said teaspoon. Hopefully It will have the same effect when I take the right amount. I would definitly recommend this to others as well. Have a great day everyone!

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