Coconut meat

Where can you buy coconut meat? There are some recipes utilizing 2 cups of it and the last time I bought a green coconut, there was maybe 1/4 cup worth of meat in there. I appreciate your input.


  • Most health food stores should have shredded, unsweetened, unsuphured coconut meat. I just saw some at Whole Foods today.

    It’ll be dehydrated though, not fresh.

  • I have just discovered young thai coconuts (which have meat) and our local co-op doesn’t carry them, I actually get them from this huge Asian grocery store here in seattle. Maybe this is the same thing as green coconuts??? But they are prepped and look like short cylniders with a cone on top and they are white-ish. You have to top the chop off, but the water inside is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. And there is meat in there you can scrape out. They are cheap too. There isn’t a ton, but hey…you get a lot of water!!! And there are a bunch of recipes that just require water, and not meat. Sorry, coconut rant!

  • You could also take out the coconut meat from the old fashioned brown coconuts. Use hammer, table knife and patience.

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