Reaction to cacao and goji berries?

Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

I just made a little bit of the cacao goji dream dessert recipe. Added extra agave and a little bit of unrefined coconut oil (room temp). This is my first time eating raw cacao and goji really. I’ve been putting the oil in my smoothies in the am the past few days. I only ate maybe a tablespoon total, and drank a few ounces of leftover young coconut water. It was good but I feel kinda icky now and it was only a few minutes ago. Weird feeling. Something kinda like nausea and a little bit of acidity? Like it’s just not sitting well in my stomach.

Anyone have this reaction to cacao or goji? I’m pretty sure it’s the cacao, as I ate a few goji berries the other day with no problem.


  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I am o.k. with goji’s but cacao brings on indigestion and nervous reaction. If I recall cacao is acidic.

  • I tried goji berries for the first time about a month ago, and I thought they were delicious! I ate a handful of them, and about an hour later, threw up. I don’t know if it was related to the berries, but I haven’t eaten them since. =[

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    Cacao has Theobromine which is a neurotoxin. That means toxic to the brain. If you eat too much you hallucinate. Because of my negative reactions I’ve had to it, in regards to digestion and nerves, especially as I become more sensitive the longer I stay raw, I avoid it when I can. Unless I want to go crazy for the night. Which sometimes i do.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I have a problem with cacao. It isn’t really raw IMHO. It can have a really harsh reaction in some people.

    And the goji’s, since they got popular there are some really low quality ones out there, maybe you got a bad batch. I was advised by those who know to always get organic gojis from a traceable source, or at the least a source that you are really confident about.

  • I hear a lot of conflictng evidence about cacao. I believe someone said on one of the forums about chocolate that the fermentation of cacao makes it unhealthy..(or maybe the other way around, like lack of fermentation makes it unhealthy..dunno) , but that all raw cacao is not fermented. Does anyone have information about raw cacao being fermented and its effects. I am a chocolate LOVER and it’s one thing that I just don’t want to give up! I just do it in moderation now because of the theobromine and caffeine. Now, instead of everyday (like I used to) I just try not to have it for more that a 3 days out of the month during a specific time of the month (the ladies know what I mean..I GOTTA HAVE IT AT THAT TIME! :-D) But Ive read that there are some health benefits when done in moderation…right?

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