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gained 15 lbs in 2weeks

so i was raw for 3 months, than i stoped because it was making me extemmly depreesed not being able to eat what all my family was eating, and i worked like 80 hours a week so it was rediculouse to make time to eat raw. i have been off raw now for about a month and have gained 15 pound ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, make it stop!!!


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Hey hannah have you been able to cut back on your hours? Lack of sleep may possibly upset your digestive system and the signals that you are hungry….
    Have you ever tried keeping a food journal? That may identify pitfalls…
    I feel like I’ve gained weight with raw…possibly I’m in the minority, but I tended toward anorexia when I ate SAD …
    Maybe as you get back into raw you should just focus on simple meals or mono-meals. I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, but I wanted to write because it didn’t look like anyone responded yet.
    I’m sure there are people on GR who have a lot more experience than myself.
    But I do wish you the best of luck.

  • Greenghost I have gained 30 lbs. by being raw. It is not all raw food that makes one gain weight. Just like it is not all SAD food that makes one gain weight.Leave off the fattening foods and the excess weight will leave.

    Hanna, it would seem that cutting back on your work hours and have some time for yourself would be a good idea.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I was really surprised to read this because all of your recipes look super good – and super inspiring! I’ve had a tough time the past 2 weeks also. I’ve had a lot of family stress (parents mostly) and other things that are stressing me out. Apparently i’ve always been a stress eater, but i’m just realizing it now! I’m actually craving Hash Browns right now! Ugh! Some things you just can’t mimick in the raw, you know?? But, i’m trying really hard to get back on track with raw – i really do love it and i know that most cooked foods are just not worth it. I know i’d gain all of my weight back if i went back to eating SAD – that and my food allergies keep me from doing it! I just did the 7 Day Diva Detox Diet to get me back on track. For the most part, it worked. Like i said, at this moment i’m really struggling with the Hash Brown thing :) I wish you the best of luck w/ whatever decision you make.

  • carrie I some time crave cheese. I finally figured out it isn’t the cheese I wanted but salt. So I just take a dab of salt and I am fine. Could be you need oil, or some nutrient that is in the hash browns. It can be figured out.

    hannah, There is a reason you desire to eat healthy. I really hope you stick to it. In the summer and fall I am so rushed I just eat finger food. Filling, nutritious and easy.

  • hannah -

    I have ridiculous cravings sometimes! It’s like I want to eat everything SAD! but then i think twice about it and I just think, actually I really don’t want that because it makes me feel like this afterwards…. and then I compare it to a juicy peach (my favorites!) and think, yeah, that definetely tastes better than any SAD food! But I have to admit, being raw for three months now myself, the majority of time I am 100% raw. But one in a week or in a couple of weeks, I do indulge in something small non-raw. But usually after a couple of bites of whatever it is, I throw it away because as much as I want it to taste like what I want, it doesn’t anymore, plus, my stomach can’t handle SAD food anymore, it starts cramping when I eat something or gives me nausea.

    beany ~ in case you’re not vegan, Whole Foods sells 100% RAW cheeses. I buy cheese there every now and then, and it’s super tasty!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    hey carrie6292 you don’t have to deny yourself hashbrowns! :)
    There is a recipe on here by omshanti for raw hashbrowns
    just wanted you to know! :)

    yeah beany I think, in my case,I eat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many nuts! :) and pumpkin seeds!!!, but it’s OK… I will find a happy medium some day…

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Thanks, Greenghost… they’re in my dehydrator as i speak :) I saw them last night when i posted this and i ran out this morning and got some sweet potatoes :) Not the same thing, but i think i can keep working on it. I’m not sure why it is that we don’t eat raw white potatoes (I’m assuming starch, but sweet potatoes seem more starchy to me…). So, i’m going to try it with white potatoes and see how it comes out!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    How about just trying onion rings? You can ‘batter them’ with some olive oil and some ground flax seeds & salt and dehydrate them…..
    Anyway… I know it can sometimes suck to have unresolved cravings!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    careful with white potatoes… if there is any ‘green’ on a white potato I believe it indicates some kind of toxin…. and the whole potato should be tossed…

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    i wonder how those hashbrowns would come out made with jerusalum artichoke. ive alway found them to have a similar thing to the potato going on but with a smokey taste, and they are safe and tasty to eat raw. i might even try that myself you know, ill look for them at the turkish store next time im there

  • eloisaweesa—Thanks for the information. But I am a beegan. So no dairy cheese, just honey. lol

    dodo—didn’t you say you had a garden? Jerusalem artichokes are a real hardy plant. Next spring just put in a few whole bulbs and you will have lots of chokes. You can also store them in the ground over winter. These may be great for those who hunger for “fresh” potatoes.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    wowsers cool! thanks beany, theres not a lot we can leave in over winter as it goes below minus 20 c often, i had thought about the sunchokes but hadnt looked into the temp thing yet. i adore spuds, always have, its the only thing i really miss but dont want to risk eating raw ones, besides which the texture would be very starchy and not what i hunger for. the garden is huge so the space can be spared. we have a massive bed with spring bulbs in, thousands of tulips, do you think they would fare well in amongst those? any idea when they flower etc?

    getting ‘cited now cheesey grin

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    keep things simple. its fun to be in the kitchen for hours makin new recipes, but its not pratical. i give my self 40 min in morn to make food for whole day. make recipes in bulk if you can. i have a few staple recipes that are awesome and quick then i’ll get a little miticulous about 1 recipe once in awhile. Also, dont set your self up to feel rushed. disguise it into a game seeing how fast you can make a recipe and keep thinking of things to go faster. remembber to breath. or stop and take a breath. play music that gets you movin. I like jamaican or Flobots. whether its as obvious as chopping evertything at once or as skillfully as pulsing with one hand and opening the spice top with the other. Eat fast food (apples, oranges, berries, nuts, seeds, etc.) it doesnt always have to be a concoction.

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