Smoothie Fast???

I have heard of juice fasting but has anyone done a smoothie fast? I am talking green smoothies here, not the really sweet ones.

I am asking because I don’t have a juicer and it would be a lot of work to blend everything up and then strain through cheesecloth. I am interested in cleansing a bit before I head off to Mexico on Oct.18th so I can have the perfect beach body!!! I am aiming to be 100% raw up unitl then. As of late I have been failing miserably. I had a lot of things happening and not nearly enough time to prepare food so I took th easy way out and ate SAD. I felt awful and just want to get back to feeling good.

ANY and ALL suggestions are more than welcome!!!!



  • I haven’t done one personally, but my friend went a week (maybe longer, not really sure) on green smoothies and she absolutely loved it! She said she felt lighter and more energized, and had amazing digestion. I plan on doing one myself sometime in December when I actually have some time! I think it’s a great idea and a terrific way to get back into raw after slip ups, and much easier than actual fasting. I say, go for it! It’s a great way to experiment too and find out what you like/don’t like, etc. Plus, who doesn’t love green smoothies? :-)

  • There is a practice called juice feasting which is basically what you are describing. I haven’t done it—i’m struggling to keep weight on while going raw several months ago…

  • Isn’t juice feasting juicing? Requiring a juicer? Not smoothies?

  • Yes, i suppose that is true—juicing as opposed to blending. Guess since i haven’t done it myself, forgot about that detail:) Though, it would seem to me that you would still lose weight by doing a fast on blended juices (smoothies). But that is coming from someone who is trying not to lose too much weight eating raw. The detox process would go a little faster by pure juicing i guess. As for me, i prefer pulp and all for the nutrients. I could drink quarts of smoothies a day and i know the weight would drop off very quickly.

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