fall/local recipes?

hey everybody,

so i’ve been invited to a pot luck in the middle of november. the catch is that all dishes must not contain anything from over 150 miles away(salt is the only exception). i really enjoy raw food and want to bring a raw dish. i’ve been seeking out recipes that could help but everything that catches my eye seems to have some coconut or nuts or something that i won’t be able to find at a farmers market in philadelphia in november. any help would be appreciated. thanks!


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Ratatouille might work… some combination of basil, parsley, squashes, red bell pepper, onions, sweetener, oil, spices.

  • What do you have at the Farmer’s Market in in Nov? Maybe you could revamp one of the tibuli (have NO idea how to spell that!) recipes that use winter squash or cauliflower in place of the pasta? I like the ratatouille idea too!

  • squash soup might work? http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/487-The-Lazy-Gir… (they may have greenhouse tomatoes in november for the salsa)

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    Right now I am working on a bunch of pumpkin recipes using mostly things I can find in my country (Latvia) in fall season. If I would know what’s available in your farmers market I might translate and send you some recipe. 

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