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Poemomm's Gnocchi/Bob's Red Mill

I just found out that Natural Provisions Health Food Store in Williston Vermont (close to Burlington) has both the Ivory teff and sorghum flour (they’re holding a bag of each for me). The brand is Bob’s Red Mill as Poemomm suggested. I thought I’d let any Vermonters on here know about this. I believe there are a few of us on goneraw :-)


So for the weekend I want to try this recipe. Anyone recommend some good raw sauces to use? I was even thinking of a pesto sauce if I couldn’t find a good red or cheeze sauce. Anyone try this pesto below by Bitt? It looks good. Many raw pestos seem to miss something w/o the parm cheese.



  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    If there’s anyone in Utah interested, The Good Earth carries Bob’s Red Mill teff flour and whole teff; I haven’t checked on sorghum (don’t even know what it is?)

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Joyceh-my all-time favorite sauce (also dip, also thick dressing) is Red Pepper Aioli, which is not mine-got it off an indirect link from www.therawdessert.com this week: 1C soaked sunflower seeds (I have also used them sprouted, but you only need to soak them 2-3 hrs), juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 to 1 t sea salt or less, 1/4 c water, 1 clove garlic, 2 t Olive oil. Just buzz it up in the vita-mix. This is my kids favorite “pasta” sauce on their gluten-free pasta. i have used it on zoodles, i have used it on kale, raw burgers. The uses are just endless. it’s delicious! if you really prefer a peast, go to the recipes for Alissa Cohen’s Pest stuffed Mushrooms and use that Pest. it’s amazing. i have used that on zoodles many times.

  • Oh thank you Izhpt! That looks really good!!

    I was also looking at Poemomm’s recipes and saw this which looks yummy as well. She uses nutritional yeast in lieu of the parmesan cheese


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    How do you tell that it’s raw ivory teff? Is the brand bobs red mill, enough indication that the flours are raw? In other words, does bob’s red mill sell NONRAW sorghum and ivory teff?

  • Izhpt – I can’t seem to find the sauce on therawdessert, perhaps I need to sign up. How much red pepper do you use?

    I’ll also look up the pesto in Alissa’s book! :-)

  • Winona, Bob’s Red Mill flours are all raw (except almond, I believe). I didn’t call the company, but there are multiple discussions about it on the “double fudge brownies” recipe discussion. Hope this helps.

  • JoyceH- I always use Bitt’s pesto. It is so amazing and creamy. I make it all the time at home and always use it when we have company. It’s the best pesto I’ve ever had- raw or not!!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    jyceH-Sorry so late to reply. I located that link after I sent the wrong one to you. It is www.thedailyrawcafe.com, an excellent site and the Red Pepper Aioli is under “spreads.” I’m bad at linking, but I will try it. http://www.thedailyrawcafe.com/search/label/spread

  • Izhpt – thanks! I signed up and they sent me the link too. I like how you use sunflower seeds in lieu of cashews.

    iheartveggies – my hubby wanted pesto so I got enough basil to try Bitt’s and also Poemomm’s who uses nutritional yeast.

    QUESTION FOR POEMOMM: Hi Poemomm, I have the gnocchi in in the fridge right now. I used the sorghum flour from Bob’s Red Mill. The dough is a bit more liquidly than I expected but perhaps it will firm up over night. My question is about it being salty. Should it taste a bit too salty? I thought 1 tsp of salt was a lot for the quantities of nuts and flour. Will it taste less salty?

    Ok, well time to open a bottle of wine and get ready to watch the debates. Very happy and full from hummus wrapped in big collards :-)

  • poemmmon help!!! gnocci turned out flakey like buscuits…tasty but biquetty and not as nice and smooth looking as yours, suggestions?

  • poemmmon help!!! gnocci turned out flakey like buscuits…tasty but bisquetty and not as nice and smooth looking as yours, suggestions?

    debate was good dont you think JoyceH? we had some wine and gnocci hubby had a big old lamb chop and it was very interesting….big homestyle debates followed here for the next three hours!!! i cant believe ih ave more political discussions with my hubby here in cali that when i lived in DC…...so wierd!

  • Hi omshanti – yes I enjoyed the debate. I wrote more on the new debate thread. I think Obama is a very gifted speaker and incredibly smart man. He’s not perfect but I’d like to give him a chance at the presidency. Another 4 years of the Bush/McCain administration seems like suicide for this country (ok maybe i’m being dramatic but you get my drift). I just want the best for everyone. I’m really just a simpleton who wants peace and prosperity for all :-)

    My gnocchi dough seemed too soft this morning so I added a bunch more sorghum flour and put it back in the fridge. We ended up eating out at this amazing local restaurant that always has vegan options on the menu (Sonoma Station in Richmond VT) and it was amazingly good! We were doing errands in the afternoon and decided to be spontaneous afterwards. It was a nice treat! And we had some lovely wine as well. I will put the gnocchi in the dehydrator tomorrow. Maybe another night in the fridge will firm it up more. Wasn’t like playdo as Poemomm indicated but maybe it was due to the sorghum flour and she used her homemade almond flour…I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Time to go hang out with the hubby :-)

    ‘night everyone

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