samesofam's raw spanakopita

DreaDrea Raw Master

I REALLY want to get this recipe right, it looks so delish, PLEASE HELP!

I made this the 1st time and it never fully dehydrated the crust stayed dark brown and “mushy”, but the edges were golden brown (and tasted great!) I left it in the dehydrator for 40 hours, and I blotted the oil off to help it along, but it never got to the golden flaky stage.

I made this a second time. This time I dehydrated the crust apart from the filling and the crust came out GREAT! But, when i put the filling on the inside and put it back in the dehydrator, it started to get mushy and dark brown again and would not get to the point where the crust was golden brown and flaky like the picture.

I really want to get this recipe right. I notice that poemmom stated that she was gonna try it, if your out there please tell me what you did and if it worked for you.

the link to the recipe is…


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