Muscle Weakness

I’ve been having a lot of muscle weakness lately. When I ride my bike it feels like the pedals are pushing back, and lifting my arms for even short periods of time hurts.

Anybody know why this is or how I could fix it?


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    ever had anemia? a blood test could confirm/rule-out if you are anemic.
    There are some people who do not have enough intrinsic-factor (a glycoprotein produced in the stomach) which is necessary to absorb Vitamin B12…
    PS: hope that you feel better soon!

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    it could be any number of things, and not necessarily diet related. i would say see your health care provider. i had lyme disease from a tick bite and didnt see a doc for many months as i thought it was this, or that, or the other. took me a lot longer to recover than it should have done as i didnt see a doc quickly. im sure yours will pass but i still think it should be checked as none of us on here are doctors or able to physically examine you.

    hope you get better soon slosh-uh

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