calories in nut/seed milk?

this may seem like a dumb question, but how many of the nuts/seeds calories are transferred into the liquid when making milk? I know that a cup of seeds or nuts is loaded with calories.. which is fine, except I don’t want to consume that many on a liquid drink that won’t really fill me up. I can only find nutritional information of commercially processed almond milk


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    If you’re not straining it out, then all of the calories transfer if you drink the entire blender full of milk.

    However, if you don’t drink the whole blender full, then the calories become diluted because of the water. You need to calculate the amount of calories in the amount of nuts you use, then blend them with water and finally divide the number of calories by the cup (now that the water is in there) or by the amount per serving. Make sense? The nuts don’t have the same punch as eating them plain (without the water) because they’re diluted… unless of course you drink the whole container, with all of the nuts. Hope that all made sense ;) haha

    Cheers, Kristen


  • i would be straining out the pulp.

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