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Feeling unhealthy and unconvinced...

Ok, so I’ve been 90-100% raw for about 5 months. the first month was really good – i had energy and was excited about all of the new recipes I could try out. For the past 2 1/2 months though I just haven’t been feeling balanced and I’m sick of blaming everything on ‘detox’. I feel more tired, mentally slow, I have extreme gas and smelly stool, I’m sick of food, my hair is thinning, my memory is getting worse, I haven’t gotten my period for 5 months, the list could go on! Sorry to vent but these are all issues that i have seen on this forum but can’t find any satisfying answers for. I just don’t know what to do and am feeling really confused.


  • Do you mind if I ask a couple questions?

    1.) How many calories are you eating daily? Sometimes it can be hard to get enough calories in every day. 2.) What is your daily menu like? A lot of health problems can stem from too much fat and not enough fruit.

  • Not at all, please bring on the questions!

    I haven’t been counting my calories but perhaps I should start…

    Here’s my usual menu:

    In the morning I eat a banana and avocado pudding and mix in a peach and whatever berries I have, raisins, almonds and pistachios.

    snack – apple, walnuts, figs

    Lunch is usually a big salad with tons of veggies and seed bread

    Dinner varies but it’s usually a wrap of some sort – usually with collard leaves

  • I would stop combining fruit with nuts.

  • It looks like you are eating a lot of nuts. Nuts for breakfast,snacks,and the filling for the collards leaves may be nuts. Are these nuts really raw? Do you soak them? I would really back off some on the nuts. Your breakfast seems to be loaded with a mixture of foods. Far from balanced. Save your puddings for dinner and lighten up your breakfast. Is there a reason you are not having smoothies?If you can break down your morning foods in a blender you will get more nutrients and it will be lighter on your digestion.Are you taking vit. B 12? Are you eating organic foods? Are you eating Vegan?

  • i see a WHOLE lot of bad food combining! all your symptoms seem to be symptoms of bad food combining. you should really look into it!

  • I’d go see a doctor and get tested for deficiencies.

    There’s no way for anyone to diagnose you over the internet.

    Best of luck.

  • don’t worry, its detox

    lol just kidding

    This actually is very similar to my own experience going raw. It’s uncomfortable but its a good thing, because for me at least it meant that my body was becoming more sensitive. It felt great when i made the change from cooked foods to raw foods, but as i kept eating gourmet recipes eventually my body started to send me distress signals to guide me away from there. Then I changed how I was eating, involving a higher ratio of fruits and greens, and I felt great again and then a little further down the line my body said it was time for more modifications. I made them and the balance returns… I think its just the body’s way of taking a gradual evolution to what it really needs. And maybe what it needs isn’t the same all the time. There was a time when all I wanted for about 2 weeks was seaweed seaweed seaweed every day, and lots of it, and then a few weeks later i didn’t care about seaweed. So, its definitely good that you are noticing what your body is saying.

    Laying off the nuts, and the fat intake in general, is definitely a good thing to try. Try not to eat more than you would if you had to crack them all open yourself. Also don’t eat them with anything else, especially not fruit. Mixing nuts with avocado has always been a very bad idea for me, something about the fats and proteins mixed together that the body doesn’t appreciate. I wouldn’t eat too many different combinations of food, even if they are all fruits or something, its best to eat mono-meals or low- combination (around 3) different foods at a time. Definitely incorporate green smoothies into your day, especially for breakfast! Drink green smoothies for a day and I bet you’ll feel better right away.

  • Hi there! Im sorry about how your feeling! acoarding to Mat Monach’s book ‘Raw Success’ all the ‘symptoms’ youve just listed all suggest you need a COLONIC. so yeah, i would suggest you look that up! :) good luck!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i second ajchanter. reading monarch will answer all your questions.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. i also found out today that one of the MOST important things that Dr. Fred Bisci recommends is not to eat between meals. it is the leading cause of fermentation.

  • I suppose it could be any of those things, or all of them, or a combination of those methods to help you feel better.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks everyone! Interesting that a lot of you told me to lay off the nuts and start drinking green smoothies! I was drinking green smoothies everyday up until a month ago and stopped because I was finding them really hard to digest. I now see that it was probably because I was drinking them with meals and breaking all sorts of food combining rules. I know it looks like I eat a lot of nuts but the portions are really small. Nonetheless, I have been combining them with fruits which i know is a no-no.

    Anyone recommend a good book on food combining?

    Oh, and to answer some of your questions beany – I’ve been vegan for three years, I eat mostly organic and I do soak nuts. thanks for sharing your experience, kundalalita.

  • Do you take a B12 supplement?

    I was feeling run down too, and a B12 really helped me.

  • I used to take it regularly and just recently started taking it again because I thought that may be the problem. Hopefully it will help.

  • Steve Meyerowitz wrote a good book called Food Combining and Digestion, you may want to check that out.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Hair falling out can be a symptom of a deficiency of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) or other nutrients. It takes a lot of raw foods to get enough B5 in a day – 15 cups of cauliflower, or 6 cups of sunflower seeds, or 5 avocados…I recently started taking a B-Complex supplement, because not only is it hard to get enough of certain B vitamins in my diet, but the body uses up B vitamins a lot quicker when you’re under stress, which I am. Blood tests for vitamin/mineral deficiencies might not be a bad idea.

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