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Immunizations for baby

Mamas & Papas: any good suggested reading or websites about immunizing children? I am completely against giving my children any medication, but having a pretty tough time convincing my children’s father. To appease him, we took our 2 year old to the doctor today (for a cough), and the doctor wants to give him his 24 month immunization shots. I know to get into schools he will need it, but I am SO conflicted. I will not be home schooling. I also refused a prescription for antibiotics, and now I’m being called crazy & they’re afraid I’m harming my son! I just want to read up & become a little more knowledgeable about the subject.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Just let the doctor write the script and don’t fill it. As far as vaccinations go, refuse if you can. I have personal experience here…or my 25 year old daughter does. Long, sad story. You aren’t crazy to be concerned. Do an Internet search for Thimerosal in vaccinations and a whole slew of links will come up. If that info doesn’t convince your husband, look up autism and vaccinations.

  • Hey! I’m not a parent, but I have friends with perfectly healthy, un-vaccinated kids and have done some research for myself. There are tons of resources online for parents who either choose to delay vaccination or choose not to vaccinate at all. I would personally choose the latter. A few of my vaccinations have “expired,” and when I recently applied to graduate school I just submitted a “religious exemption” letter (i think from vaclib.org) in lieu of the records. The website has hundreds of exemption letters citing various state/federal laws, Supreme Court cases, etc, tailored to the school level you need it for, and the state you need. To my knowledge, by federal law, your children have the right to attend school without being vaccinated if you are opposed to it for religious reasons (I’m just telling them my reasons are religious to keep things easier on myself, heh).

    You’ll probably find yourself lost in the sea of the anti-vaccination information available. I’m CONVINCED that vaccinations are just a big conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies to push their products on parents who may not know (or even question!) whats best for their kids. When you “mandate” (multiple!) $10, $15, $20 shot(s), and they’re being administered to millions of children, the profit is obscene. There’s so much money to be made by intimidating people with, “you have to,” “its best,” “you’re neglecting your child if you don’t,” but a 10-minute, basic internet search will tell you quite the opposite.

    Like 123 said, definitely look for vaccination horror stories to show your husband. Autism particularly. You might also want to google “group immunity.”

    Good luck! Do what YOU know is right.

  • Thanks guys for all the info!!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Check out Shazzies journal archives, she is raising a raw girl – http://www.shazzie.com And Jinjee and Storm with their 5 raw kids – http://www.thegardendiet.com Congratulations to you for being a GREAT Mother!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m certainly trying!

  • I’m not 100% raw, but i do have a seven month old that we decided to vaccinate because No you do not need to have vaccines to get into school, but Yes you do need them and will WANT them if you are ever going to travel the world because things like polio are rampamt their. I also had an older brother that died when he was six months old from something that he could’ve been vaccinated against. So yes there are horror stories about those vaccinated, but there are also horror stories about those who weren’t I am pregnant again with my second child and now that i have been through it once i have decided that vaccinating was the right decsion, but that not so early in life. Also, it sounds like you had already started your sons vaccines. If that is true i think you should just go ahead and finish. Also please don’t try to use the scare tactic on your husband. i think that is just wrong, let him look up the information himself…don’t only show him the bad side. The thing on vaccines and autism is a huge debate: One experiment was thought to be not reliable, and they haven’t been able to support the mans theories yet, also it was thought to be caused by the mercury in the vaccines which is now being very tightly controlled. Please remeber to that almost every single one of us “adults” has had our vaccines and are no worse for the wear.i have researched vaccines because of having a child, orginally we weren’t going to but after learning all i could i felt that by vaccinating her i can protect her better and literally open the world to her. As a last note someone just recently told me they were going to try and vaccinate their son by using a homeopathic? oral method that you might want to try and look up on. P.S whatever you decide will be the best choice for your family.

  • I just read an article that autism has been linked to excess hormones in a kids body. That is pretty scarry because of hormones that end up in milk, cheese, and meat. I used to babysit for a lady who was a vegetarian- that was my first exposure to people who lived like that. She and her husband were dedicated but they said to let the kid eat hotdogs or whatever because she loved them and they didn’t want to take a chance with the kid not getting enough protein. I don’t want to say that her kid seemed unhealthy but she was puffy. She was pretty young so it may have been baby fat but it always seemed kind of weird that she would get hot dogs which seem like one of the worst meats to eat out there. But I am on the fence as far as the immunization question goes. Do the Amish and Mennonites get vaccines? What are the rates of autism in these communities? That’s what would make sense to me because if it doesn’t exist in these communities then it probably does have to do with something we are exposed to and it could be mass-produced food or innoculations. If someone was home schooling or living in an isolated environment where there would be very little chance for the kid to be exposed to a disease then I would wait until the child was old enough to determine that they weren’t autistic for sure and then vaccinate. Also if they are older they would be less affected because their immune system would be built up.

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