Another raw persecution outrage...

Hi all

Sorry if this has already appeared on here, i had a quick look and couldn’t see it, but you should all read this story.

I’m speechless with rage. And, actually, I’m going to support them by doing what little I can (buying some of their chocolate – I never do this since I’m not that convinced by the superfood/raw chocolate stuff, but I feel so bad for them!!).

love Katie


  • Ridiculous… Why is everyone afraid of natural food? They’re trying to ban raw milk and irradiate our produce too. Just so the RiGHT people get richer and the lowly people stay sicker and addicted to a SAD life…

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    That’s horrible! It’s pretty crazy how people don’t understand natural food. My grandma calls me all the time to make sure I’m “getting enough nutrients”. I’m like “All I’m getting is nutrients!”

  • And here I was thinking that if McCain won I’d just move to Canada. They’re stupid too!

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