Need for complex carbs?

My friend rather discourages me from being 100% raw due he claims it is difficult to eat enough complex carbs. I am starting to question this myself. Plus, I am not clear about how I am meeting my protein needs. When I first went raw, I was loading up on the nuts and sweets to feel satisfied and felt like utter crap. Now I have backed off a bit, boosted up the greens big time and green smoothies, but I still don’t feel like I think I should. I don’t have an overall sense of well being, but it is better than in the beginning I suppose.

I have read a few trusted vegan nutritional sources who have stated that many people can’t get their protein needs being raw. So I am not sure what to do and how to know if mine are being met.

I work out enough i.e. lift weights and cardio that likely increase my need for protein.

The complex carb question does concern me. I need the last 2 brain cells I have left (after frying the rest back in the day :o)


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Don’t worry about protein. You’re getting plenty. There are several protein threads on here that are worth exploring with sources that are good to look into. If you’re eating greens then you’re getting protein.

    Are you eating alot of fruit? It helps clear out the system and keep things clean. Also, you might look into food combining because that may help you alot. If you’re feeling bloated I highly suggested putting some cold pressed extra virgin unrefined coconut oil in your smoothies. It takes care of it really well. I recently had a bloating issue and someone suggested it and worked great.

    You’re getting plenty of carbs too. Neither protein or carbs should be a problem with raw food.

    I hope these help!

  • Thanks troubles. I know I am getting plenty of simple carbs….but no complex ones that I am aware of. I am giving serious consideration to adding cooked rice and legumes to my diet.

    I am eating a good amount of fruit I think. I hate thinking so much. How does one calculate the percentage of what they are eating without wanting to take a nap?

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