Chicago Diner

Has anyone else eaten here. I was there on Wed. and they had a delicious plate of raw nachos. Dehydrated corn chips, guacamole, nut cheese sauce and sour cream, salsa, etc. It was delicious. My non-raw but willing to try it husband said it was delicious as well. It had black olives on it that probably were not raw though.

They even had about 4 different kinds of raw cheesecakes. The Rawchos was a special, so I am wondering if the have a raw specail daily.

Anyway, it was delicious.


  • Chicago Diner is one of the few things I miss about Chicago. I am originally from there and Chicago Diner is the the greatest! That was my savior restaurant when I lived there – all vegetarian – so easy for me to eat at. I remember the first time I went there and for once that more choices than I could pick from! :) Chicago wasn’t always vegetarian friendly. :)

    Yes, their Raw Nachos are really good! Their cheesecakes are the best raw cheesecakes I have ever had.

    The have raw specials everyday and they change them everyweek. I think they always have the raw cheesecakes.

    The owner and his wife are raw. They went a raw a few years ago but of course Chicago Diner is the most popular vegetarian restaurant in Chicago so they didn’t want to change it all to raw but it is great that they have raw available.

  • i’ve eaten there before, multiple times, and i always find the food bland and disappointing! I’ve never had the raw nachos though, and it sounds like they’re worth a try.

  • I have eaten there, as I am originally from Chicago. It was my favorite restaurant on the planet! They did not have any raw when I was there. Have you tried Karyn’s Fresh Corner? She has a very popular raw restaurant in Chicago. Aaaah..the memories! Chicago is the vegan food capital.

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