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Unable to Post Recipes...

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to publish a recipe of mine, but it won’t let me. I’ve checked the “publish recipe” box and clicked save, but its not working. I know there’s some updates going on, but wasn’t sure if this was part of it or just a fluky occurrence. Anyone else having problems?


  • Hi Ms. Sarah Here are 2 other forums regarding the issue.

    It will probably (hopefully )be worked out soon…



  • Thanx greenghost! Guess I’ll have to go and take some pics, though I always seem to eat my creation before the thought crosses my mind that I should have taken a snap :) Gotta remind myself this time… “where are those sticky notes???” ;P

  • I also have the same problem with publishing recipes! I migth abondan my hope soon because it is taking so much time to try it again and again.

  • Hey.. don’t sweat it too hard for now – if you want to just get the recipe posted, put any related picture with it. You can always change it later. I didn’t have any pictures of the last recipe I posted so I just put a picture of pumpkins.

    I’m sure they’ll have the problem fixed soon. Best, gg

  • Me too! First it was the pictures, now it’s the recipes. When I press submit, it deletes all that I wrote. :-(

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