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sea spaghetti?

Has anybody tried this? It’s a bit spendy and before I splash out on it an order I just wanted to hear from anyone who eats it what the taste/texture is like and if it does indeed subsitute well in pasta dishes. I’ve tried raw nori wraps and I really didn’t like the taste – almost seafoodish. I’m wondering how sea spaghetti matches up to this. Any thoughts?


  • kelp noodles don’t have a taste at all. They are chewy and cheap, like 3 bucks in Seattle

  • If sea spaghetti is the same as kelp noodles, then YES, they are yummy! They are reminiscent of spaghetti noodles, but they have a slight crunch to them. More like noodles made out of soft jicama or something. They have a neutral flavor, so they go well with raw sauces!

    But, kelp noodles don’ have the taste of the sea like nori does. But, I love nori!

  • Thanks for the feedback. From what I can tell on the web though it appears that sea spaghetti and kelp noodles are different…have I misinterpreted something? The ones I was looking at are really dark brown/green and look like a flat noodle, tagliatelli or something like that. Are we talking about the same thing? oh the confusion of exotic raw foods sometimes…:)

  • oh no..I guess they are different. Kelp noodles are translucent white. sid23 said chewy…I wish mine were! but I only had them once…just last week!

  • Sounds like kelp is a good one though so I’ll look for that over here (UK) and hopefully enjoy it as much as you both have:)

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    I’ve wanted to try kelp noodles for sooo long! I really do miss that spaghetti-feel… kind of rubbery, chewy, y’know? Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get kelp noodles (the clear ones) up here in Canada (I live in BC)... does anyone have any ideas on how I could get some? I’ve checked with seatangle and they don’t ship to Canada, so that’s out- I don’t think any other company does either, but I don’t want to give up just yet!

  • My kelp noodles cost $6.99, plus shipping, from a Canadian site. I got mine from UpayaNaturals.com. I’m sure other sites have them as well, possibly for less money.

  • bean this is off topic but I too live in BC!! We are lucky :)

  • sid23, where do you get kelp noodles in Seattle? I’m in Seattle too.

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    Thanks, 1sweetpea! I haven’t found any other sites- that’s probably the best one, and whether it’s expensive or not, I might have to try it… Woot! mmmorgans, where do you live? I’m in Kelowna, myself- BC is beautiful, isn’t it? I love where I am so much right now- every where I look here, literally, there’s fruit- instead of just yards, people have orchards!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie


    Kellyne You havent misinterpreted. After much searching for kelp noodles I have discovered that sea spaghetti is not the same thing.

    Sea spaghetti’s real name is – hang on, I’ll get mine out of the cupboard…

    Himanthalia Elongata and is also known as ‘thongweed’ because of its appearance, as you described earlier. Here’s some info;

    Sea Spaghetti is highly nutritious seaweed; tender, tasty and nourishing, it has a delicate oceanic flavour that is similar to clams or cockles. It partners well with young garlic. Try it in salads, as a garnish for meat and fish dishes, or as a new and attractive ingredient in soups and canapés. Sea Spaghetti is rich in proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

    Clearly, we may not want it with meat or fish dishes..!

    And here’s a pic – http://www.marlin.ac.uk/imgs/Species/Chromophyc…

    I bought mine from a place called dolphin sea vegetable based in Ireland but feel a bit cheated as its they’re teeny boxes, not expensive because if that though mind you..

    Next time I’ll prob get from


    but they were sold out at the time.

    I’m glad I got a little box though as I got to try it before buying loads. So if you wanted to try a little too, its only £2.10 for the little box I got which I’d say has 2 servings, (as funky raw’s 1kg) here’s the site of the blue dolphin Co;


    You soak it for a bit, half hour or so, then I like mine with shredded carrot, sesame seeds and sesame oil, or the thai ‘peanut’ dressing on this website.

    So you know what to expect if you havent tried it, its yum but its a little slimy and has quite a strong seaweed flavour so I dont eat a loads in one go (having gone a bit mad the first time and OD-ing!) but if you let it drain well it makes a difference.

    If anyone has ANY idea where to get kelp noodles other than the states please let me know. If I have to get it from there I’ll prob end up paying more for the postage than the noodles! But would love to try them.

    Have searched every grocery shop in china town in London (last attempt yesterday) and both of Londons whole foods – only to find blank looks when I ask..

    You’re UK too right? Sorry for the essay – hope the info helps…!

  • cir-1976 – thanks for all the info…that clears up a lot of questions for me. From what you’ve said it sounds like kelp noodles might be the best bet for me but I’m also struggling to find them anywhere. I’m getting very familiar with the blank looks you describe! But I’m based in Edinburgh so there’s not as much variety as you have down in London so if you’ve had no luck either it seems we may be out of luck altogether for the time being. I’ll give blue dolphin site a try though and see how I get on with their stuff. Thanks for all the help:)

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Totally welcome.

    If you find the kelp noodles please let me know! Otherwise maybe us UK-ees should get together, order a bulk load and split the postage!

    You have Red Sugar in Edi though – you never know, they might be able to help..?


  • I would definitely be open to sharing in on a bulk load of these. I’ve been having cravings for spaghetti as I watch my SAD partner make it every few days. He eats and I watch intently…a bit like the dog who sits by the dinner table:)

    Odd that you mentioned red sugar – I live just a few doors down from them. They’ve been there for months and because of the name I thought they were a normal chocolate shop/pastry shop. Never even crossed my mind that they might be raw but thankfully now I know and have been enjoying their raw chocolate treats very frequently:) But I’ll ask them next time I go in if they can source these anywhere and post what they say back here. Take care!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Love your ‘dog at the dinner table’ description, made me giggle!

    Kellyne feel free to come say hi to some more UK-ies on our thread, maybe one day we can all get together for a potluck!


  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Hi Kellyne,

    Im in the UK too and love sea spaghetti, I got my first lot from the same place as clr but as she said it was only a small pack. rawliving do a 1kg bag like funky raw but they also do a 100g packet which I got for my second batch. Its much nicer than the first lot I tried.

    I hope you find some soon cos it is so yummy! Enjoy liveing so close to red sugar too, I just wish I had known about it when we visited Edinburgh in the summer.

  • Mmmm pot luck sounds lovely cir…any of you based in Scotland? Perhaps I need to ingratiate myself with the good people at Red Sugar (who I only know well enough to chat to very briefly). I bet they know the ins and outs of UK rawness:)

    Fee – thanks for the feedback. I always get a bit edgy about things from the sea for some reason, there’s a certain taste to it that doesn’t settle well with me (I grew up in the mountains far far from the sea). So it’s good to hear positive reactions to it. Any special way you like to prepare it? I think I’ll order some this week and test drive it so I’m wide open to suggestions here…

  • smoopee- They sell them at madison market in the caseto the right of the deli, across the isle from the raw food section. i think they sell them at uwigamya (sp?) too. Kristin – I only had them once too but they sat at room temp in sauce in my bag at work for like 4 hours. It’s how I remembered them at least

  • hey UK’ers, I know alot of others on this site might beg to differ with me about my opinion on the kelp noodles, but to be honest, I dont think youre missing out on as much as you think you are. I was pretty disappointed with them when I had them in the US. maybe i prepared them wrong or something, but I had them first at a raw foods restaurant in seattle and wasnt too keen on them and the crunchy texture. i gave them a second try at home, but just didnt find them to be as great as others thought they were….to be honest, they have a weird crunchiness that reminds me of eating cartilage or something. ick. so all im saying is dont feel too bad; you may not be missing out on as much as you think you are. i FAR prefer courgette pasta for things like pesto with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms or with avocado cheezy sauce.

  • I’m with you kaybee, I do like kelp noodles to a point, BUT I was disappointed they did not have the texture of spaghetti. I soaked them for 24 hours and they were still crisp. Has any one tried dehydrating them in water? I am wondering if this may soften them some. I am also a little nervous that they are in plastic and why are they clear when kelp is dark green?

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