zinc + melon seeds

hello everyone,

somebody told me the rosacea on my face could be due to a lack of zinc in my diet. what kind of food can i take to increase my zinc absorption?

also, i am eating a melon at the mo; what does its seeds actually contain, and how can i use them?

a huge raw hug to all those visiting this website !!


  • Hi galadriel, I run the seeds in a HS blender at the ratio of 1/3 cup seed per cup of water. I throw the seed pulp in there too so you have to guage how many seeds there are per amount of water. Guessing is fine. I then run it through a nut milk bag and add sweetener and drink. I actually like to add fruit and make a smoothie with it. If you don’t strain it will be very gritty.

  • As I know pumpkin seeds are good source of zinc. So it is a right season for it. I blend pumpkin with all seeds and skin in my smoothies, raw soups and dressings right now. You can use all the relatives of pumpkin that way – cucumbers, zucchini, squash, melon, watermelon. Pumpkin family all together are highly nutritious and super healthy.

  • thank you !! :-) reosehebrew, i will try your melon seed milk ! and grashopper, that’s a fantastic idea, i was actually looking for some new inspiration recipe-wise… ;-) have the best day ever

  • grapefruit seeds are great for the skin… I blend and make a pulpee mixture and smother it all over my skin… then wash off while exfoliating with a loofah!

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