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maca dreams? :)

Does anyone else have exceptionally vivid, hmmm…. what’s a tame way to say it, romantically involved dreams after taking maca? This is not something that normally happens to me, especially after being on BC for 5 years, there really hasn’t been much libido to speak of. I usually take it in the evenings, so thinking maybe that’s what is doing it?


  • what’s maca?

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    A superfood

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Sid23…maca is an plant from the Andes Mountains areas of South America. It’s root is ground up and was used by Incan warriors before battle for energy and alertness. It’s a powerful adaptogen…it will help you feel more alert, aware, and energetic when you need it, but will not leave you feeling jittery when you don’t. Interestingly the Inca men were forbid maca in peacetime to “protect the women” from the effect it would have on them. It increases the libido. ALOT.

    Chicory…dreams, no. But I take maca in my morning smoothies…and GOOD LORD! I’m ready to jump anything that moves half the time! I have a high sex drive compared to most women, but the effect the maca has probably makes me a danger to myself and others. :p I know it’s not a placebo effect either. I started taking it for the energy boost, and honestly put no stock in the libido enhancing properties. About a week into taking it I was like “why the hell am I so damn randy all the time all of a sudden?!” Then it dawned on me…must be the maca!

  • heehe!!!! I actually started taking it because I love malt flavor, but can’t eat SAD malt because it’s usually from barley, or other gluten source. needless to say I have been waking up very happy ;)

  • You guys are lucky. I started using Maca for that reason (well, that and help with depression and energy). I think it helps with energy but nothing for my libido. Than again I have never been very interested in sex – I always thought there were more important things to do in life – so maybe it is my thoughts that get in the way of it. :)

    chicory and Branwyn32 – Those are the results you are supposed to get on maca – more interest in sex. I like the flavor myself too so I keep on taking it. I am hoping one day it will effect me esp for the energy and stamina.

    chicory, I did notice when I first started taking it that I felt a little more upbeat at first – I don’t know if it is a psychological thing because I was thinking about it happening when I first started taking it. It didn’t last though. For the dreams, well, mine are always weird no matter what – but yeah, when they involve some “romantic” stuff – well, I am definatley OK with those but normally it doesn’t

    Just wondering which brand of maca and what kind have you guys been buying? I got the red first. But I just ordered a regular kind so I am wondering if certain kinds work better on women? I am going to have to try all the different kind and see which one works best. The red is more beneficial for men I think – it is supposed to help with prostate problems.

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Queenfluff- I use a brand made by a company called Peru Foods, which also sells quinoa and other South American foodstuffs. They are not mail order and I don’t know if they have a website…I buy it at a local Mexican grocery store. It’s plain yellow and comes in a plastic jar and it sold next to flavoured maca milk drink mixes (like strawberry and chocolate…it’s apparently like a treat type thing in Mexico). It does say organic and the best part is that while Sunfoods.com sells it for like $14+shipping, I get the same amount down the street for $3. :) So if you live in an area with a significant Latino population, I would look in hispanic grocery stores. “Tienes maca de Peru Foods?” should get across what you need to the grocer if they don’t speak much English. :)

    As to the libido thing…if the maca isn’t doing it, honestly I would start to try and examine the way you think about sex. I think energy and attitude are important in everything health related…if you’re really negative about an illness, for example, I don’t think all the remedies and therapies in the world will have the effect on you a positive, open attitude will. I’m a big proponent of sexpositivity…taking sex out of the puritanical concepts of shame and something to hide, of something’s that’s “naughty”...the attitudes that most Westerners (especially women) are brought up with, and looking at it and being a part of it within the light. Letting go of those negative attitudes around sex and taking an active interest in it even at first academically (reading all sorts of sexpositive books and radical guides about sex), being open about sex, recognizing it as a good, natural, instinctual, fun, VITAL part of life, may change the way you think about it, and open yourself up to it and thus want it more.

    To me, sex is a hugely important part of life…it’s the act by which we CREATE life (though I don’t want kids, I recognize and respect that divinely awesome force), it’s how we physically manifest our deepest feelings and unite with person or persons we romantically love (gotta acknowledge the polyamorous folks!), and physically manifest our deepest desires, instincts, and good old fashioned healthy lust for the people we’re most attracted to, and in way still share something amazing with that person or people (some of us are kinkier than others!), even if it’s just for one casual fun romp. No matter how kinky, vanilla, loving, lusting the encounter might be, we are still sharing that divine, awesome, instinctual force with someone, and connecting, truly connecting in way that acknowledges and celebrates that primal creative divinity. Having sex, making love, f&%$ing, swinging from trapeze with whips and chains, with one person, with 10 people, whatever floats your boat, all of it…it’s a celebration, a prayer, and a blessing all at once. And it’s a helluva lot of fun! ;)

    Just my two cents. :)

  • I used to have a very high libido… but I was violently assaulted when I was 18, plus birth control for years, it’s really taken a toll on my love life ! I’m just starting to get back to feeling my old normal self again. The maca is defidently a little boost though. I have looked at the local international market, but they don’t sell it there. mine is from love street living foods. very tasty!

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Chicory- I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. huge hugs The amount of that that goes on in this country (or any other country for that matter!) is horrible, it’s just one of the most deplorable things one human can do to another, it makes me sick. I am very fortunate that I’ve never been a victim, but MANY of my female friends have. I can’t even imagine what going through that and trying to heal is like. My sincerest hugs and positive energy to you.

  • Branwyn32 – I don’t think there is anything wrong with sex itself – i think it is a positive thing. I guess I was just never really into it. I did grow up religious but I pretty much left my religous thoughts about sex behind quite a while ago – so no guilt involved for the most part.

    That said, I am still just not all that interested in it – much to the dismay of my bf. I am a more introverted person too so any sort of extroverted sexual display is just not in me. I guess like you say some people are just more into it than others. I think the romance or foreplay that can come before the sex is better than the sex itself – that is definately more appealing to me – which most women don’t get in todays society.

    Although don’t they say that most womens sexual peak in their 30s while for men it is when they re 18? I am 39 so I think I might be past that. Again though, I was more interested in sex in my 30s than I was in my 20s. Oh well, I honestly don’t feel like I am missing out on much. I guess for people are really into sex would think me crazy but it honestly doesn’t bother me. I will be happy when I reach menopause and no need for condoms though. :)

    I have noticed any places here that would carry Maca – like local Mexican places. I might try the Loving Street Living Foods one that chicory suggested. I guess I will just have experiment.

    chicory – do you think that BC pills changes the libido? I was on them for many years but it was quite a while ago. I felt like I worried less on them. I did accidentally get pregnant a few years ago and definately was more nervous about sex after that. I was sexually harassed with some unwelcomed advances at one of my jobs once – no serious assault or anything but I think when anyone forces any sort of sexual advance on some one it definately effects you so I know how you feel in a way.

  • birth control pills play a huge factor in libido. when I stopped taking them for a bit, my drive went up for the first week, then back down to nil. I have heard others that have taken them for a while say that even after a year of being off, that their libido hasn’t returned. Thanks Branwyn…I pretty much have all my feelings from the past sorted out, it’s been almost 10 years now, but I think after I move back to PA i may just go and get some professional counseling. My boyfriend and I decided that when we are all settled in up there that we would “formally” be engaged… after 6 years living together. I would like to get all the crap out before we are married and start a family :). What sucks is not what happened that night,... about a month and a half afterward (christmas eve) I got into a bad car wreck falling asleep at the wheel. I was medivaced to the hospital. I found out 3 days later I had a miscarraige. didn’t even know I was pregnant. Other than the incident I was celibate…bleh….after that I started taking birth control…just out of fear i guess..I designed a little outline style tattoo to honor the lost life, but am waiting until my sister finishes her apprenticeship at the parlor, so that she can be the one to do it. That which doesn’t kill us…....and you guys know the rest!

  • wow…. sorry! this topic started off all sexy and I turned it all sad :(. Let’s take it back to sexy ;)

  • Chicory I think you are really awesome. I always read posts by you and threads that you’ve posted on just because I think you are interesting and I like hearing what you have to say. You are one of my favorite people on here.

    But on the sex topic, yeah I really like sex. I don’t have it nearly enough, I wish I had a steady source of penis in my life. I have an average sex drive. Once I tried maca to try to boost it, and it worked but only temporarily. Just now I had a salad with some paprika in it and I’m feeling pretty randy right about now. Looking through my cell phone like “Damn, who is free tonight? I wish that one guy weren’t out of town..” lol

  • Slosh-uh——What are you doin in your picture?!? I was intrigued so I checked out your my space – is your band the photons?

    SO....I just went to get groceries, and in SEATTLE a litlle jar of maca is 24 bucks! That was at the co-op, so I guess I will be exploring the latin grocery stores. lame, lame, lame
  • I actually have never tried maca. What are some other health benefits besides boosting sex drive?

    Branwyn32-loved your post about sex. I feel the same way! Although I do the solo thing as of right now, I want to use sex as a way to connect with God and nature. Also, just want to have some fun.

  • My friend and I broke into the Hyatt and into the gym room and were messing around on the machines. That is a picture from that night.

    Yeah, my band is the Photons. We played a show last night and one of our guitarists showed up so drunk that he fell off the stage once and hit just about everyone in the band with his guitar while jumping around on stage. Once he ran out into the audience and was making out with his girlfriend while playing, it was the most awesome thing ever except for the fact that it sounded like crap. But we were playing for drunk college students so no one cared, they all just wanted to dance.

    Sorry for that little tangent.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    sid23: Check out rawvegansource.com. They have maca for about 13.99/lb. They’re based in Redmond, and for a lifetime $25 membership, you can get great prices on raw food. I swing by the owners’ place about once a month to stock up (they run the company out of their house). Since you’re in Seattle, I thought I should mention it! :)

  • hehe… thanks slosh-uh. my typing is really fragmented, most of the time it looks like it was written by a robot. now to mix some maca and paprika…...

  • Thanks achin70!

  • Sex oh my the next best thing to eating, sleeping and breathing!!! I believe it’s second to breathing in my book… LOL

    Have mace but haven’t used it, now I’m afraid to, as no telling what I might be guilty of… LOL My interest have multiplied ten fold since going raw and they had always been increasing since my twenties… I may be a danger to society… LOL Good thing I live out in the boonies… LOL

    Birthcontrol pills enhanced my libdo and gave me the freedom and peace of mind to be everything to my husband, he needed… Nuf said!!! LOL

    Queen~ Don’t be too concerned as I have read different studies… YOU are among the majority of women, I’m in the smallest 8%... So don’t dispare but I would encourage trying new and different ideas and places as well as positions to stimulate your interests…

    I also try to remember, how difficult it must be considering the stress you have in your life… Stress plays an important role in our ability to relax and let go… Two very important tools in a great sex life…

  • Hi waterbaby!

    He he! You are funny! Sounds like you got some internal maca going on! :)

    I am actually not worried about it myself – I actually am fine with it this way – I am happy at my level of libido – The problem is that no one else seems to be. Yeah, it sort of seems the way of society that many things revolved around sex so in way I don’t fit in. I always thought that most women had lower sex drives too so I thought I was in good company. But in the raw community, it seems I am the minority. My bfs sex drive is very high so it makes it difficult.

    I am not saying that I don’t enjoy the sex I have – I do for the most part. Sometimes I guess it feels like more of an obligation that I have to do and not always want too. Maybe it is the feminist in me but I think our culture evolves too much around sex and lots of that towards woman as objects.

    Yes, you are right about the stress – I am one of those person who when I am worried about other pending things I can’t think about others – I guess also I sort of grew up with this menality that unless I have worked hard and done my keep I am not allowed to enjoy myself. This comes from my parents. And yeah, I worked hard to not think that way. But I always feel weird to allow myself to enjoy something if I haven’t earned it. I think it is just part of my personality too regardless of how I was brought up – I come from that generation with a decent work ethnic where I don’t expect something for nothing. So I only feel good about enjoying myself if I feel I have done my keep. Being a slacker makes me feel guilty. :)

    oops, sorry I got off topic again.

    chicory – If you have any more weird “dreams” let us know – I am very interested in how what you eat might effect your dreams. I am the queen of strong, weird vivid dreams so I would love to know if there is something I could eat (or not eat) to change them (or how about wiping them out all together?? :) )

  • last night i dreamt I was a mermaid!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Waterbaby, it’s so good to have you back with us. I’ve really missed your keen sense of humor, as well as your insightful and intuitive responses. I’m afraid I haven’t much to add to this thread, having been single and celibate for going on 30 years. Not that it’s been easy or necessarily by choice— I certainly enjoyed celebrating love as much as the next person. There’s just not been another person special enough to . . . well, you get the picture.

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