how to 'de-swell' fast

I’m very swollen, water weight, probably chockful of toxins and am so uncomfortable. My sister says it is edema, which I guess is just extreme swelling. What can I do to de-swell fast? I haven’t started any sort of healthy eating, am still living on candy and coke and restaurant take out, which I know is the problem. So I was thinking of eating nothing but fruit for a week to hopefully quickly lose all this puffiness and sluggishness. Will this work? Does anyone have any particular suggestions? Honestly, I know I need to lose a lot of weight but at this point I want to do anything that will make a quick difference because I feel lousy and can hardly walk, my legs and feet have been hurting for months.

Thanks for any ideas you send my way !


  • Holding water is your body’s response to trying to dilute toxins. I would guess that, although you admit that most of your food is fairly toxic, you are “allergic” to something that you’re eating. By allergic, I don’t mean only throat swelling or rashes. You can have food issues that result in behavior changes, brain chemistry changes, etc. Also, foods that are toxic to you are also very hard to quit eating, as your body gets accustomed to feeling a certain way and craves the toxins.

    Many people have reactions to dairy and/or wheat. Others may react to nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, white potatoes), eggs, nuts, melons, etc. You can use muscle testing to determine what your particular toxins are.

    Cleaning up your diet is always a big plus for anyone. However, I went raw and was still eating a lot of toxins. Only after I quit my toxins, and got rid of my Candida overgrowth, did I really feel good.

    Blessed be and good luck! Your edema will resolve itself once your body doesn’t need to protect itself anymore.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I have had this issue, and for me the swelling was the worst around my middle. Drinking lots of water helps, but often I wouldn’t feel better unless I went home and slept it off and then was better the next day. In the last year I made some dietary changes that have made things MUCH better! Some of it was thryoid related, my entire metabolism was off, but even getting that better it came down to diet.

    First I cut out wheat. Not all at first, but a good amount. After a few weeks I didn’t miss it and felt better. Then slowly I started cutting out a lot of processed foods, anything in my house with corn syrup got tossed(well not really, I freecycled it all). Corn I can do raw, but cooked bothers me. I had somethings I could do whole wheat but no more than one a day. I cut out prepackaged foods. It took a little while, but by the end of the summer I was feeling much better (and was down 15 lbs). I do still eat dairy, but only raw and from local farms. I found when I cut out processed cheeses I also had less GI issues. It has helped being able to discuss all of it with my naturopath to get on track.

    Good luck :) Cleaning up diet is a big part of it!

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