How Long Will You Keep Posts?

germin8germin8 Raw Master

Since there are so many of us writing in the forums… I am wondering how long you keep posts? For years? Or, does it depend on your server space? There are many forum question-and-answers here I would like to read, but not on the top of my list right now… (can’t read everything at once, but would love to later… could be months… could be next year). So, I’m just wondering how fast I need to read these. :o)


  • germin8: I think we’ll be keeping posts for as long as Gone Raw is here… so, for a long, long time. They don’t take much space at all, so I can’t think of any reason to ever get rid of any!!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Great news! And, thanks for the reply.

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