Royal Jelly

Something quick. I bought some royal jelly pills from the store and tried one out and it made me sick. Not deathly ill or anything like that. Just a really bad icky feeling in my stomach. I also felt a little flushed and it wasn’t enjoyable. Little “buzzed” too. Almost like when I drink coffee on an empty stomach. I tried one more a week later to see if it was a fluke and had the same problem. Why is this? A slight allergic reaction?


  • Are you at all allergic to bee stings? If you’ve never been stung, you wouldn’t know whether or not you have an allergy. I’ve heard that bee pollen, royal jelly and raw honey can be trouble for allergic people. The regular honey that most of us grew up eating is so processed that it probably wouldn’t cause such a reaction in a person allergic to bee stings. One thing to think about: many allergies seem mild on the first or second exposure, but become more severe with each subsequent one. Don’t take any chances. If you didn’t feel good after consuming something touted as super-healthy, it isn’t for you!

  • Hmmmm I have been stung around 6 times total in my life and last one being about 15 years ago and it was not that big of a deal when I did. I figured that it was an allergic reaction….just wanted to hear someone’s input. Thank you!

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