how do I?

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how do I use whole oat groats? I bought a bag and want some ways to use them.. do I need to soak them? sprout? any advice would be great.. :)


  • I soak them overnight and use them for pizza crust or desserts or just oatmeal.. Here’s a recipe I used with them…

  • nice… sounds yummy.. thanks.. :)

  • I just figured out how to use them, myself- on the sprouting sites I’ve read ( is amazing) it says to soak them for about 6-8 hours no more (apparently beyond that they can become waterlogged), and then to drain them, and rinse them every 4-6 hours until… well, until you want to eat them! Some people wait ‘till they have tails, but I’ve just eaten them right away and they’re always delicious… mixing some with chopped fruit, cinnamon, and (if you like) agave is particularly good!

  • Soak them overnight and in the morning blend up with some dates and a little water or nut milk for the most delicious porridge! Its better than the cooked stuff and I loved Loved LOVED that.

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