School starts Monday

Starting Monday I’m going to have very little times on my hands, and I’m wondering how to manage school, work, and chores (I live in a community) while staying raw. Any advice on food I can prep in advance to grab and go, how to manage sprouts, anything that is a time saver!! I love being raw because of how much energy I have and how good I feel when I eat live foods. I don’t want to resort to old ways just because I am so busy! What do you all do to fit in eating raw?


  • Um.. keep a bottle of your own salad dressing in your bag, and hit up all-you-can-eat salad bars….

    A smoothie in the morning takes about 5 minutes…. Just throw it in a cup and drink it on the run…

    You can also bring fruit to snack on during the day…

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I like to keep ingredients around the house that can be easily made into snacks without much preparation. I’m homeschooled, but have a similar schedule to school because my mom brings me to work with her around 9 in the morning. So, I just cut up a couple pineapples into chunks in little plastic baggies, and I bring my Wild Blue Green Algae powder to mix with water for a protein. Now that my sprouted almond butter and Halawi dates are coming in the mail, I will maybe stuff some nut butter in a date and bring a few of those with me. Most of the day at work I do my schoolwork and eat fruit, a snack that I prepared, and I save the big salad for when we get home around 2 or 3. I prefer to eat lighter (just lots of fruit and a couple snacks) in the earlier part of the day. When I get home, I’m craving a huge salad and stuff some red leaf butter lettuce into a large bowl, drizzle some lemon juice or red wine vinegar and a little olive oil, some dried crunchy onions, maybe spread some of Zoe’s Cheese with Spring Onions on a dry piece of lettuce. Most of the rest of the day I eat some pineapple and some kind of treat to prepare.

    Now, if you wanted to pack all this in a lunch bag in the morning, tupperware is your first answer! Put your lettuce in a large tupperware, and put the dressing in a separate bottle, coz if you put it in the salad it will wilt all day. Stuff another tupperware or two with your favorite fruit, and a plastic baggy with snacks. I like to bring some banana pancakes. Also, you might want to add hummus or spreads to a container with a spoon and some seed crackers.

    Ideas for Quick Easy Snacks:

    1. Stuff a date or fig with truly raw sprouted almond butter.

    2. Slice some apples in the blender the previous day and add berries, pineapple, banana, etc, to the blender, grind into puree, pour on a Teflex sheet, flatten out a bit, turn dehydrator to 115 F, and pluck them off in the morning and stuff in a lunchbag.

    3. This is the easiest. Take about 4 bananas, peel them, and break them in half and puree in a blender, pour on dehydrator sheets and dry till morning. They turn into light, fluffy, bread-like pancakes! So simple, just pull em’ off the sheets and add to your bag.

    4. Grind up fruit with some Wild Blue green Algae in the morning and pour in a cup, bring that with you, pure bliss.

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