Tooth Whitening!?

Hello My Friends,

I am doing some research for a friend who wants information on raw dental care. He has wrote to me and addressed that he does not brush his teeth and has yellow discoloration. He is a raw foodist and would like to know any natural ways to approach this. He would also like to know if there are any foods to avoid that may contribute to discoloration. I don’t have much knowledge on rawl healing for discoloration – only building tooth strength – so your feedback is greatly appreciated. I will be sharing this post with him!

I hope you are all well. Blessings! Pink TuTu Twirls, Johnny- pumped up ripe and early this morning for my Farmer’s Market trip!


  • hmmm…. not sure, my teeth are yellowish, with white spots from hyperflouridosis. every dentist said nothing would whiten them. The only thing that comes to mind (it seems like a dumb answer though) is baking soda. other than that, dark fruits and berries like blueberries would stain teeth.

  • Hugs, not a dumb answer! Baking soda is known for dental care (cleansing/breath). Check back on this post, maybe you will get some good info too. My teeth are RUINED from bulimia nervosa but that is another post in itself. Anyhow, I don’t know how bad my friend’s discoloration is since I know him online and not in person but it’s obviously a concern to him so I hope we get some good feedback!

  • when i was reading up on oil pulling, many people claimed that it helped whiten their teeth. i tried it for a while but couldn’t make it past the two week mark… my teeth did feel nice and clean after i did it, though! people claim that it helps with all kinds of other things too! <— the first website that came up in googling. good luck to your friend!

  • Oil pulling rocks! I’ve been doing it at least every other day for a month now and my teeth are whiter than ever! My receding gums are getting better too! Sesame is usually the most popular choice among oil pullers, but I’ve been having great results with unrefined cold pressed coconut oil.

    At night I brush with baking soda + therapeutic grade peppermint oil (for that awesome minty freshness) and floss. I always at least try to dry brush and rinse after eating throughout the day. I’m working on a little mouthwash solution to add into this regimen as well.

    The current ingredients include purified water (ozonated once I purchase an ozonator), himalayan sea salt, food grade h2o2, colloidal silver, myrrh extract, neem extract, and IPSAB. The ingredients in IPSAB are based on the readings of Edgar Cayce (prickly ash bark, salt, calcium chloride, iodine trichloride, and peppermint oil). I haven’t decided on a set mixture ratio yet, but it’s mainly going to be a few drops of each into the water as they are all very powerful healing solutions!

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