Productive RAW Day!

I’ve had my dehydrator hopping today with tons of great recipes. It’s been raining for days here in New England and I really needed to cook and uncook! My family eats cooked food as well, so I spent some time making some things for them, and I also fired up my dehydrator. Right now I have gnocchi, pizza crust, buckwheat cereal, “unbacon”, brown bread, and noodle soup rocking. The gnocchi are done, I need to go pull them out. I’m going to make some cheese and sausage, but then I have to decide if I’ll have gnocchi and sauce or pizza for dinner! Decisions decisions :) I adjusted some of the recipes based on what I had on hand, so we’ll see how my variations come out.

I work part time away from home and run my own business from home, so after 60 hours a week plus caring for a family, my week nights are crazy! I’m hoping to start doing my raw recipes on the weekends as much as possible so that all i have to do during the week is my family’s cooked foods (they will eat raw as well, we are slowly transitioning them!) I find that this makes it much easier for me to eat higher raw. I find some raw recipes to be very time consuming, so I’m on a mission to keep one step ahead and have plenty of options ready to go.

I just thought I’d share my productive day with you…


  • Congratulations, sounds lovely!!!

    I’ll pack my bags and should be there by dinner… (smile)

  • C’mon over! Be warned, there’s always a bunch of teenagers at the table, but if you can deal with that, we’ll set another place!

    It’s funny cause my teenage kids have friends who are vegetarians, etc and they always know they can come to dinner here and don’t have to worry that there will be nothing they can eat. I love that!

  • nothinkingbehind, that is a cool thing about your kids vege friends having a place to go and eat. Like when we were kids and could have a beer a friends house, but with healthy food.

    “let’s go to nothinkingbehind’s house, there’s always veggies there!”

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    raw gnocchi? give the recipe!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    bitt~ Poemomm recently posted a Gnocchi recipe. On one of the recent threads a few people were discussing their adventures with the recipe.

    Bon Appetit.

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