anybody use L'equip dehydrator?

I’m thinking of investing in a dehydrator. From what I’ve read excalibur seems to be the porsche of the dehydrating world with a corresponding price:) I was thinking of trying out the L’equip version…does anybody use one of these? Is it worth it or should I save my pennies and splash out on the excalibur? All thoughts are welcome!


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Yup, several times. It isn’t a very good dehydrator and I ended up getting a new one every year or two. It’s very messy and hard to clean, and all the crumbs build up at the bottom. They don’t give you teflex sheets, just the mesh sheets which are also hard to clean. If you want a dehydrator you should spend the money on an Excalibur, that’s what I did and am very impressed. Everything is no neat and convenient, and the trays that slide out are much easier to handle than the stacked trays in the L-Equip. The cheapest Excalibur is pretty cheap from my memory. :)

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