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Oil Pulling-information?



  • Hi RubyLaine. My sister added flax oil to her diet and it cleared up her psoriasis.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie


    I just started pulling oil about 10 days ago and have noticed my teeth are whiter and my skin in softer. I also seem to be getting rid of my problems with sensitive teeth. I don't find it gross at all but I do spit the yuckies into the toilet after! I don't have any real health problems, so I am not sure if it is helping me in ways I am unaware. I really just want my teeth and gums to be healthy without having to use flouride toothpaste!

  • Hi! Just wondering about a few things...when do you brush your teeth? Do you use toothpaste? How long after you oil pull can you eat? AND...do you know if you have cuts in your mouth if oil pulling is safe to do then?



  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    I'm Not Sure What "Oil Pulling" is but it sounds like it hurts... I use OraMd which is combination of Botanical "Oils" of Almond, Spearmint And Peppermint.... One Thing For Sure... Good Bye Bad Breaths For an Extended Length of time...

    Its Built for your Gums... After All... Bad Gums Equals Bad Teeth... An Reported Good For Gingivitis...

    As Far as Cavities Go They Should be a Thing of the past if You Don't Eat The Deadly Sugars... Before Sugar Tooth Decay was practically Unknown... The Dutch Found that out when they got first taste of sugar...

    Give it a try I Like It...


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Orangutanlvr~ I brush before bedtime and after meals... A lot of us use baking soda for tooth/tongue brushing after flossing... After oil pulling, I wait about 15 minutes before eating my morning fruit smoothie...

    The cuts should heal faster with oil pulling, than without... However I haven't had first hand experience.... Hope this helps to answer your questions, until someone with personal or professional knowledge responds.....(mouth cuts that is) Good Luck!!!

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    OK... I Gotta Ask... What is Oil-Pulling????

  • Hey RawNewOrleans,

    I wrote a whole article on this on my blog at http://roshis.com.

    Check it out. Everything you need to know.

    There's also a pretty good discussion on oil-pulling if you follow this link:


    which is based on the article I wrote.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Thank you

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    would doing this twice per day yield even more benefit? I could imagine this as a pre-bed ritual as well.

  • From the reading and research I've done, everyone recommends just doing it once as the first thing when you wake up. If you want to do it at night, just make sure you are doing it one an empty stomach. Thats actually the reasoning for doing it in the morning.

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    OK, thanks for the tip. I guess I will just do this in the mornings for now just as not to worry about it.

  • You can also read about other people's experiences and results at ...




  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    STEVIO - I think the reason for doing it first thing in the morning is that mouth has incubated bacteria over the night and you can pull more out. Throughout the day we eat, brush, talk, etc and do things that aren't as conducive to a growing environment. Through the night, your mouth functions as a petri dish.

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    Well, I ran out and bought some appropriate oil during my lunch break today, and so tomorrow it finally begins!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I'm with you, Stevio! I started this morning. We shall oil pull together.

  • i found out about oil pullling researching for a patient who was about to have her last strong chewing tooth pulled. with in 2 days all of her pain disappeared

    since then, everyone who i have recommended it to has had incredible results

    my results: bottom gum line reattached :)) old scars on my legs including an especially bad motorcycle burn healing after many years, and hair thick and shiny enough to want to grow out my 10 years of pixie hair cuts

    i had my household doing it and it is always hilarious in the morning as we swish and walk around and end up trying to talk to each other with the oil in our mouths.....usually though i just take a sip and swish in the shower!

  • Thanks everyone for the information. I've done oil pulling for 3 days now and already see improvement. My gums didn't bleed this morning when I flossed (flossed twice just to make sure it wasn't a dream:) Yeah!

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    Not drinking milk and eating a raw diet almost obliterates plaque

    BUT OMG I think I am going to have to swish oil in my mouth to make all my toxins go away. Off I go to the store to get me some.

    BTW Thank you for sharing with us.

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I have been oil pulling with EV olive oil (it's what I have in the house) for fifteen minute sessions (first day only 10 minute session) seven days now.

    The first day was the most difficult, thought I'd get a cramp in my neck.

    Now it is easy. I could practically go to sleep doing it (so much for awareness).

    I had a tiny tiny puffiness under my chin now and then since this summer when I got bitten by bees. One bite was under my chin.

    Puffiness was gone after day one or two.

    I have noticed a couple of pimples arising on my temple area. I have not had pimples there since I was a teenager. I'm 43. When I got older the pimple area switched to the chin area. So there must be some detoxification going on.

    It's only been 7 days now. Very interesting so far. Neat to see on this thread someone has been doing it 8 years. I don't have any specific dental problems or pain. Dentally I notice zero change. But I would recommend it for the other changes. And it has been so easy. Doen't require much. If you do it, let us know what you see. I'll report back later.

  • synapsynap Raw Newbie

    That is interesting! That may partially explain why Weston Price spoke of people who ate RAW butter and whole milk have virtually no dental problems. Perhaps it is the raw fat of the seseme seed oil, sunflower oil, milk fats, raw animal fats, that has been the mechanism which has benefitted these people's dental health.

    However, today, perhaps, it is much heelthier to use organic RAW seseme/sunflowe oil than what those ancestors used. We have the technology to make these oils from seeds now.

    Anyone have any more thoughts or additional info to add to this? I would like to know them.

  • synapsynap Raw Newbie

    I noticed getting an inflamed inner cheeck after oil pulling. I believe it is in the region of my "Buccal" lymph node. At the same time, I have been doing a hybrid Green juice/water fast, and have been going through general detox. Much of the inflamation around my face is clearing (including around that same region of my cheeck). So I am not sure how much, that symtom is the result of the oil pullng. The pain irritation of the inner cheeck is beginning to subside over time. It's been about 3 days or so since I first noticed symtoms of that lymph gland.

  • Hi Rubylaine,

    Have you tried to replace garlic and perhaps onions with asafoetida, several members of my family can not tolerate garlic but appreciate replacing them with

    asafoetida which available from an Indian Spice store.

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