Best Blender & Best Price!!

After tons of tedious research I came to find that the Hamilton Beach Liquid Blu blender is the perfect choice in the $40-$150 price range. It’s got a glass carafe, awesome power/functionality/style, a pulse option, 3yr warranty, and a wicked price to boot!

EDIT: I reposted the lengthy contents of this post over at CureZone for ease of viewing. The thread shows my search for the best blender and how I got an awesome deal.


  • I ordered this blender on the 29th and somehow got it yesterday (30th)! Shipping was free too! I absolutely love this blender so far. I don’t know any blender recipes, but I winged it a little bit. Made some great green smoothies with various fruits and veggies (including the known enemy of blenders, KALE). Came out smooth with no thick unblended chunks. Just your average veggie pulp.

    Threw together some hemp mylk that came out VERY well too. Ingredients included one banana, 2tsp lucuma powder, and about 1.5 cups of unhulled hemp seeds. Straining was especially necessary due to the shells, otherwise I would have made it into a nice frozen smoothie. Certainly not complaining though! The mylk was AWESOME! I’m gonna add cacao next time!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks! I know people who could really use this information. Aniken has a website and recommends the Oster Beehive.

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