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does anyone know why one breaks out in a certain area of their face? For instance I have heard that if you break out around your mouth it is due to poor digestion etc…. anyone have more info on this subject?


  • Hi Stylestacey (& everyone else in the forum ;-))

    I have read several times that spots on the chin are linked to digestion and also hormonal problems. I have recently been getting breakouts on my chin (even after starting a superfoods diet, very annoying) and found this quote recently from beauty acupuncturist John Tsagaris:

    ‘The spots come in two categories – those caused by hormonal imbalances, and those caused by digestive problems. Hormonal spots are found on the chin and lower jaw, and are usually lumpy and internal. They suggest some kind of gynaecological problem, and are the most common spots in women from their mid twenties to their late thirties. They might point towards irregular menstruation or cysts. Taking the pill or an acne drug can bring on or exacerbate hormonal problems.’

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